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An Intergenerational and Inclusive Future for Aging

December 2023

Collaboration is the key to innovative change in the design and operations of environments for aging. You are influencers, identifiers of disparate parts, and most importantly the coalescers of connections among those parts leading the way to a better future for living. Understanding person-centered care principles, innovative care models that support quality of life, intergenerational living models, and alternative solutions for affordability can all contribute to successful aging for residents and caregivers. At the core, a universal, inclusive, and equitable approach to coordinated care supports the design of housing projects, long term care alternative models, and settings supporting those with cognitive impairment.

This webinar presents opportunities to support each individual within various types of settings – providing supportive and sustainable design solutions for residents, staff, and families. Examples of innovative solutions provide a framework for an all-inclusive approach to the design of environments for aging. Join us for this conversation that supports sustainable and healthy living for residents of all ages. This includes opportunities for you, as the influencer of change, to assist vulnerable populations with creative solutions that continuously support quality of life.

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