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Population Health

Population health refers to not only the overall health of a population, but also the distribution of health. Healthcare built environments and community environments can be used to support effective population health management strategies such as establishing patient registries, monitoring cost and clinical metrics, engaging in risk management outreach, communicating with patients, educating patients, and coordinating effectively between care teams and patients.
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Insights & Solutions

March 2011 Tool

My Safety Net Clinic (MySNC) was developed by Dr. Larry Mallak and Wasif Butt of Western Michigan University in 2011. MySNC was funded by a grant from the California HealthCare Foundation, in conjunction with The Center for Health Design.  

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June 2015 Webinar

The Military Health System (MHS) includes over 300 Medical Centers, Hospitals and Clinics located worldwide on Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps installations. In 2011, the MHS began transforming its over 440 primary care practices within MTFs into the PCMH model of care and adopted NCQA PCMH standards to establish consistent Tri-Service operating principles, which the Uniformed Services used to develop MTF operating guidance. As a result, the MHS has been able to standardize business and clinical operational workflow, appointing/scheduling templates, staffing models, performance measures, goals and a capitated revised financing model.  

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