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Insights & Solutions

April 2016 Interview

Learn about: why planning for technology early in the design phase is essential, why IT and bio-med teams need to be involved in design plans right from the beginning of the project, and what can happen when a whole host of technology is deployed simultaneously.

March 2016 Interview

Learn about: why it is difficult for physicians to properly use technology to deliver care, how healthcare organizations that act as both insurer and provider are leveraging technology to save resources, and technological tools with tremendous - and growing - impact on healthcare.

April 2016 Blog

With technology serving up even more state-of-the art advances in patient care than ever before, many hospitals are incorporating these IT improvements into their operations to create a virtual feast of high-quality offerings.

Take the Sutter Medical Center of Santa Rosa, California, which just opened its doors in October of 2014. The organization spent $284 million to construct a brand new, high-tech facility that incorporates the latest and greatest IT tools and capacities and uses them to achieve the highest-quality standards of care and treatment.

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