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May 2013 Webinar

Positive distractions have been found to reduce stress and improve healthcare outcomes. However, research on this topic is generally lacking in certain pediatric settings. This webinar details recent studies that examined the effects of positive distraction interventions on pediatric patients and their families but used different methods in different settings. The in-depth findings and practical knowledge around the process of implementing two research studies is beneficial to researchers and designers.

May 2016 Interview

Learn about: the importance of cultural fit in choosing technology, the ways equipment and operational conversations go hand-in-hand, and planning for today while looking toward the future.

Project Brief
March 2016 Project Brief

Learn about: the contribution technologies made to improve patient outcomes, the use of multiple technologies to improve patient care, and the strategies used by the design team to avoid creating a solitary feeling for the nurses working in a decentralized configuration. 

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