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Insights & Solutions

April 2016 Blog

As the Children’s Hospital at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Colorado has recently discovered, being a technologically advanced facility doesn’t mean you have to take a high-tech approach to your design elements. In fact, just the opposite is true at this pediatric hospital, where the most important goal is creating a nurturing environment that can help young patients to heal so they can go home faster.

April 2016 Blog

How do you incorporate the latest technological advances into your design efforts? If you’re like most healthcare organizations today, the newest electronic tools and offerings are probably taking center stage in your modernization plans, helping to lead the way toward achieving better outcomes.

March 2016 Interview

Learn about: the ways technology, design, and healthcare operations should work together, designing for future technologies, and the importance of creating interdisciplinary teams when integrating technology into healthcare spaces.

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