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Study Materials

study For the EDAC exam

The study materials listed below are what you need to prepare and practice to pass the EDAC exam. Get them all here in our store.

Required study guides:

  • ​​​Volume 1: An Introduction to Evidence-Based Design: Exploring Healthcare and Design explains the components of the healthcare delivery system, the trends affecting it and the various settings in which delivery occurs. AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY
  • Volume 2: Building the Evidence Base: Understanding Research in Healthcare Design explores the value of using credible evidence in healthcare projects, and how design solutions are empirically evaluated and scientific evidence is generated through research. AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT and HARD COPY  
  • Volume 3: Integrating Evidence-Based Design: Practicing the Healthcare Design Process offers practical examples from real case studies to show how EBD is applied and measured. AVAILABLE IN DIGITAL FORMAT ONLY


Supplemental study materials:


  • EDAC Sample Exam - sample questions similar to what you will find in the EDAC exam.
  • EDAC Exam Online Flashcards - digital flashcards through StudyBlue software.
  • EDAC Exam Printable Flashcards 
  • EDAC Exam Content Outline - understand the five domains from which the exam questions are derived. The domains are: evidence-based design in healthcare, the research process, the pre-design process, construction, and occupancy.
  • EDAC Exam Study Tips
  • EDAC Exam Preparation Videos - Available on demand, (through Vimeo, a secure outside video rental service), you can view each video as many times as you want during the selected time period (the time period begins from date of purchase). Get them here in our store.
Individual  (pricing for one person or an organization with fewer than 5 people who will be viewing within the rental period):
  • One week, (7 days) - $85.00
  • One month, (30 days) - $198.00
  • Three months, (90 days) - $265.00 
 ​Corporate (pricing for organization with 5 or more employees who will be viewing within the rental period):
  • Three months, (90 days) - $710.00
  • Six months, (180 days) - $950.00


Examples of how EBD is used in projects

Every year, projects utilizing the EBD process are compiled in a brochure from our EDAC Advocate and Champion Firms. Click on the links below:



Other EBD Resources

If you’re looking to gain more expertise in evidence-based design, the following resources will help.