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Knowledge Repository

Promoting autonomy through home adaptations. Appropriation of domestic spaces in Italy

Author(s): Costa, P., Laurìa, A., Chiesi, L.
Added November 2021

Developing and testing a model of the assisted living environment

Author(s): Holmes, S. D., Resnick, B., Galik, E., Kusmaul, N.
Added August 2021

Investigating the impact of healthcare environmental design on staff security: A systematic review

Author(s): MohammadiGorji, S., Bosch, S. J., Valipoor, S., De Portu, G.
Added August 2021

Social interactions of persons with dementia living in special care units in long-term care: A mixed-methods systematic review

Author(s): Adlbrecht, L., Bartholomeyczik, S., Hildebrandt, C., Mayer, H.
Added August 2021

Reliability and validity of the resident satisfaction index in assisted living

Author(s): Holmes, S. D., Resnick, B., Galik, E., Gruber-Baldini, A., Kusmaul, N.
Added August 2021

Collaborative care in primary care: The influence of practice interior architecture on informal face-to-face communication—an observational study

Author(s): Morgan, S., Pullon, S., McKinlay, E., Garrett, S., Kennedy, J., Watson, B.
Added August 2021

Visitor’s experiences of an evidence-based designed healthcare environment in an Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Sundberg, F., Fridh, I., Lindahl, B., Kåreholt, I.
Added August 2021

Superspreading events suggest aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2 by accumulation in enclosed spaces

Author(s): Kolinski, J. M., Schneider, T. M.
Added August 2021

SARS-CoV-2 presented in the air of an intensive care unit (ICU)

Author(s): Jin, T., Li, J., Yang, J., Li, J., Hong, F., Long, H., Deng, Q., Qin, Y., Jiang, J., Zhou, X., Song, Q., Pan, C., Luo, P.
Added August 2021

Lighting control in patient rooms: Understanding nurses’ perceptions of hospital lighting using qualitative methods

Author(s): McCunn, L. J., Safranek, S., Wilkerson, A., Davis, R. G.
Added August 2021