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Knowledge Repository

Perceptions of home in long-term care settings: Before and after institutional relocation

Author(s): Wada, M., Canham, S. L., Battersby, L., Sixsmith, J., Woolrych, R., Fang, M. L., Sixsmith, A.

Horseshoe, Cockpit, and Dragonfly: Nurse Movement in Headwall Patient Rooms

Author(s): Hamilton, D. K.

Cross-cultural comparison of physiological and psychological responses to different garden styles

Author(s): Elsadek, M., Sun, M., Sugiyama, R., Fujii, E.

Psychological perceptions matter: Developing the reactions to the physical work environment scale

Author(s): Sander, E. J., Caza, A., Jordan, P. J.

Occupants Behavior-Based Design Study Using BIM-GIS Integration: An Alternative Design Approach for Architects

Author(s): Afkhamiaghda, M., Mahdaviparsa, A., Afsari, K., McCuen, T., Mutis, I., Hartmann, T.

Design re-use: Critical application of healthcare building design evidence

Author(s): Wanigarathna, N., Sherratt, F., Price, A. D. F., Austin, S. A.

Bringing the single versus multi-patient room debate to vulnerable patient populations: a systematic review of the impact of room types on hospitalized older people and people with neurological disorders

Author(s): Shannon, M. M., Lipson-Smith, R., Elf, M., Olver, J., Kramer, S., Bernhardt, J.

Framework for a Hybrid Simulation Approach for an Integrated Decision Support System in Healthcare Facilities.

Author(s): Lather, J. I., Messner, J. I.

A Study of Relationships Between Content in Documents From Health Service Operational Plans and Documents From the Planning of New Healthcare Environments

Author(s): Elf, M., Lindahl, G., Anåker, A.

Is the Birthing Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool valid for diverse groups?

Author(s): Menke, S., Jenkinson, B., Foureur, M., Kildea, S.