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Knowledge Repository

Wandering in the nursing home

Author(s): Meinen, C., Kolla, B. P., Mansukhani, Meghna P., Khawaja, I. S., Hurwitz, T. D.

Soundscape in dementia care environment

Author(s): Talebzadeh, A., Behboudi, R., Iaboni, A.

Gold nanorods embedded in polymeric film for killing bacteria by generating reactive oxygen species with light

Author(s): Rossi, Francesco, Thanh, Nguyen Thi Kim, Su, Xiaodi

Dementia friendly hospital design: Key issues for patients and accompanying persons in an Irish acute care public hospital

Author(s): Xidous, D., Grey, T., Kennelly, S. P., McHale, C., O’Neill, D.

Ways to harness the built environment of ambulatory cancer facilities for comprehensive patient support: A review of the literature

Author(s): Sadek, A. H., Willis, J.

Evidence-based design for neonatal units: A systematic review

Author(s): O’Callaghan, N., Dee, A., Philip, R. K.

Video monitoring for fall prevention and patient safety: Process evaluation and improvement

Author(s): Sand-Jecklin, K., Johnson, J., Tringhese, A., Daniels, C., White, F.

Outcomes of patient-engaged video surveillance on falls and other adverse events

Author(s): Quigley, P. A., Votruba, L., Kaminski, J.

Toward an energy efficient healthcare environment: A case study of hospital corridor design

Author(s): Mousavi, E. S.

Environmental factors contributing to medication errors in intensive care units

Author(s): Kaboodmehri, R., Hasavari, F., Adib, M., Khaleghdoost Mohammadi, T., Kazemnejhad Leili, E.