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Knowledge Repository

The effect of a non-talking rule on the sound level and perception of patients in an outpatient infusion center

Author(s): Zijlstra, E., Hagedoorn, M., Krijnen, W. P., van der Schans, C. P., Mobach, M. P.

The effects of noise levels on nurses in intensive care units

Author(s): Terzi, B., Azizoğlu, F., Polat, Ş., Kaya, N., İşsever, H.

Evaluation of HVAC Design Parameters in High-Performance Hospital Operating Theatres

Author(s): Sánchez-Barroso, G., Sanz-Calcedo, J. G.

Evaluating the need to recognize and measure the reduction of duplications in the hospital spaces reform projects using building information modeling

Author(s): Jabalamel, M. A., Saghatforoush, E., Nikooravan, H. A.

Comprehensive and live air purification as a key environmental, clinical, and patient safety factor: A prospective evaluation

Author(s): Stawicki, S. P., Brisendine, C., Levicoff, L., Ford, F., Snyder, B., Eid, S., Worrilow, K. C.

Design suggestions for greater teamwork, communication and security in hospital emergency departments

Author(s): Gharaveis, A., Hamilton, D. K., Shepley, M., Pati, D., Rodiek, S.

Single-bed rooms in a geriatric ward prevent delirium in older patients

Author(s): Blandfort, S., Gregersen, M., Rahbek, K., Juul, S., Damsgaard, E. M.

Airflow analysis of Pyeongtaek St Mary's Hospital during hospitalization of the first Middle East respiratory syndrome patient in Korea

Author(s): Jo, S., Hong, J., Lee, S.-E., Ki, M., Choi, B. Y., Sung, M.

Experimental variation of the personal exposure in a hospital room influenced by wall heat gains

Author(s): Olmedo, I., Berlanga, F. A., Villafruela, J. M., Ruiz de Adana, M.

Visitors’ use of corridors in internal medicine wards: Modalities of territoriality, proxemics, and privacy while waiting

Author(s): Morhayim, L.