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Knowledge Repository

The challenge of creating age-friendly indoor environments in a high-density city: Case study of Hong Kong’s care and attention homes

Author(s): Tao, Y., Gou, Z., Yu, Z., Fu, J., Chen, X.

Using evidence to design cancer care facilities

Author(s): Berry, L. L., Crane, J., Deming, K. A., Barach, P.

Developing, validating and testing a Ward Environment Assessment Tool: WEAT

Author(s): Durosaiye, I. O., Hadjri, K., Liyanage, C. L., Chrysikou, E.

Impacts of large-scale interior murals on hospital employees: a pharmacy department case study

Author(s): McCunn, L., Frey, C.

Making spaces for staff breaks: A design anthropology approach

Author(s): Pink, S., Duque, M., Sumartojo, S., Vaughan, L.

Towards developing a model for the evaluation of hospital disaster resilience: a systematic review

Author(s): Fallah-Aliabadi, S., Ostadtaghizadeh, A., Ardalan, A., Fatemi, F., Khazai, B., Mirjalili, M. R.

A decision-making algorithm for rearchitecting of healthcare facilities to minimize nosocomial infections risks

Author(s): Parsia, Y., Sorooshian, S.

Application of theory in studies of healthcare built environment research

Author(s): Shannon, M. M., Nordin, S., Bernhardt, J., Elf, M.

Positive distractions and play in the public spaces of pediatric healthcare environments: A literature review

Author(s): Jiang, S.

What’s in a building?: A descriptive survey of adult inpatient rehabilitation facility buildings in Victoria, Australia.

Author(s): Lipson-Smith., R., Zeeman, H., Bernhardt, J.