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Knowledge Repository

Innovation and technology in one new hospital in Montreal: A lived experience of healthcare professionals

Author(s): Hammouni, Z., Ahram, T., Taiar, R., Gremeaux-Bader, V., Aminian, K.

Recommendations for protecting against and mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic in long-term care facilities

Author(s): Yen, M.-Y., Schwartz, J., King, C.-C., Lee, C.-M., Hsueh, P.-R.

Novel Coronavirus International Public Health Emergency: Guidance on Radiation Oncology Facility Operation

Author(s): Chen, W., Su, X.-Y., Wang, V. J., Wang, Edina C., Xu, R., Zhong, S., Sun, G., Xia, J.

Experience summary of a COVID-19 designated community hospital and its operation model

Author(s): Zhang, Q., Cheng, S., Cheng, Q.

Alternative Care Sites: An Option in Disasters

Author(s): Iserson, K. V.

The Effects of "Fangcang, Huoshenshan, and Leishenshan" Makeshift Hospitals and Temperature on the Mortality of COVID-19

Author(s): Cai, Y., Huang, T., Liu, X., Xu, G.

Drive-Through Screening Center for COVID-19: A Safe and Efficient Screening System against Massive Community Outbreak

Author(s): Kwon, K. T., Ko, J.-H., Shin, H., Sung, M., Kim, J. Y.

Containing COVID-19 in the emergency room: The role of improved case detection and segregation of suspect cases

Author(s): Wee, L. E., Fua, T.-P., Chua, Y. Y., Ho, F. W. A., Sim, X. Y. J., Conceicao, E. P., Venkatachalam, I., Tan, K. B.-K, Tan, B. H.

Aerosol and Surface Distribution of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Hospital Wards, Wuhan, China, 2020

Author(s): Guo, Z.-D., Wang, Z.-Y., Zhang, S.-F., Li, X., Li, L., Li, C., Cui, Y., Fu, R.-B., Dong, Y.-Z., Chi, X.-Y., Zhang, M.-Y., Liu, K., Cao, C., Liu, B., Zhang, K., Gao, Y.-W., Lu, B., Chen, W.

Initiation of a new infection control system for the COVID-19 outbreak

Author(s): Chen, X., Tian, J., Li, G., Li, G.