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Knowledge Repository

The role of everyday sounds in advanced dementia care

Author(s): Houben, M., Brankaert, R., Bakker, S., Kenning, G., Bongers, I., Eggen, B.

Workplace indoor environmental quality and asthma-related outcomes in healthcare workers

Author(s): Rollins, S. M., Su, F.-C., Liang, X., Humann, M. J., Stefaniak, A. B., LeBouf, R. F., Stanton, M. L., Virji, M. A., Henneberger, P. K.

Healing spaces: Exploring therapeutic concept for breast cancer clinic

Author(s): Sarjani, M., Saragih, J. F. B., Soebiyan, V.

Proactive evaluation of an operating room prototype: A simulation-based modeling approach

Author(s): Taaffe, K., Joseph, A., Khoshkenar, A., Machry, H., Allison, D., Reeves, S. T., Group, RIPCHD OR Study

Noisy and restless: 24 hours in an NHS community hospital ward, a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the patient environment

Author(s): Sawyer, L.K., Kemp, S., James, P.A.B., Harper, M.

Environmental needs, barriers, and facilitators for optimal healing in the postoperative process: A qualitative study of patients’ lived experiences and perceptions

Author(s): Hesselink, G., Smits, M., Doedens, M., Nijenhuis, S. M., van Bavel, D., van Goor, H., van de Belt, T. H.

Exploring managers’ opinions on planning and designing adult day care centers

Author(s): Su, S.-W., Lee, S.-J., Tsai, M.-W., Luo, H.-J.

Application of different circadian lighting metrics in a health residence

Author(s): Busatto, N., Mora, T. D., Peron, F., Romagnoni, P.

Impact of intraoperative noise measurement on the surgeon stress and patient outcomes. A prospective, controlled, single-center clinical trial with 664 patients

Author(s): Ukegjini, K., Kastiunig, T., Widmann, B., Warschkow, R., Steffen, T.

The challenge of creating age-friendly indoor environments in a high-density city: Case study of Hong Kong’s care and attention homes

Author(s): Tao, Y., Gou, Z., Yu, Z., Fu, J., Chen, X.