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Knowledge Repository

Prevention and management of occupational violence and aggression in healthcare: A scoping review

Author(s): Morphet, J., Griffiths, D., Beattie, J., Velasquez Reyes, D., Innes, K.

The Seniors’ Outdoor Survey (SOS Tool): comparing ratings and reliability between Italy and the USA

Author(s): Bardenhagen, E., Senes, G., Rodiek, S., Ferrara, C., Nejati, A., Fumagalli, N., Giornelli, A., Lee, C.

What makes a garden in the elderly care facility well used?

Author(s): Shi, S. L., Tong, C. M., Marcus, C. C.

Multicentre study to examine the extent of environmental contamination by potential bacterial pathogens, including antibiotic resistant bacteria, in hospital washrooms according to hand-drying method

Author(s): Best, E., Parnell, P., Couturier, J., Barbut, F., Bozec, A. L., Arnoldo, L., Madia, A., Brusaferro, S., Wilcox, M. H.

The Role of Hospital Design in Reducing Anxiety for Pediatric Patients

Author(s): Cartland, J., Ruch-Ross, H. S., Carr, L., Hall, A., Olsen, R., Rosendale, E., Ruohonen, S.

What can patients tell us about the quality and safety of hospital care? Findings from a UK multicentre survey study

Author(s): O'Hara, J. K, Reynolds, C., Moore, S., Armitage, G., Sheard, L., Marsh, C., Watt, I., Wright, J., Lawton, R.

Analysis of human factors in a building environmental assessment system in Korea: Resident perception and the G-SEED for MF scores

Author(s): Lee, J., Shepley, M. M.

What makes a nursing home homely? A Scottish based study, using Q methodology of the perceptions of staff, residents and significant others

Author(s): Fleming, A., Kydd, A.

Cognitive Ergonomics in Architecture: Creativity and Ambience in Children’s Healthcare Spaces

Author(s): Ferrer, N., Villarouco, V.

Sink-Related Outbreaks and Mitigation Strategies in Healthcare Facilities

Author(s): Parkes, L. O., Hota, S. S.