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A complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references MoreLess about the Knowledge Repository

The Knowledge Repository is a complete, user-friendly database of healthcare design research references that continues to grow with the latest peer-reviewed publications. Start with our Knowledge Repository for all of your searches for articles and research citations on healthcare design topics. Access full texts through the source link, read key point summaries, or watch slidecasts. Expand your search and find project briefs, interviews, and other relevant resources by visiting our Insights & Solutions page.


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Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in healthcare facilities: A systematic literature review and gap analysis

Author(s): Ackley, A., Olanrewaju, O. I. O., Oyefusi, O. N., Enegbuma, W. I., Olaoye, T. S., Ehimatie, A. E., Ukpong, E., Akpan-Idiok, P.
Added February 2024

Infrastructure recapitalization cost savings from facility operations investments in Washington State hospitals

Author(s): Call, S.
Added February 2024

Life cycle analysis methodology for heating, ventilation and air conditioning ductwork in healthcare buildings

Author(s): Botejara-Antúnez, M., González Domínguez, J., García-Sanz-Calcedo, J.
Added February 2024

The utilization of algorithms in the evaluation of space layout planning in inpatient departments

Author(s): Khaleel, M., Assem, A.
Added February 2024

The air we breathe: Numerical investigation of ventilation strategies to mitigate airborne dispersion of MERS-CoV in inpatient wards

Author(s): Satheesan, M. K., Tsang, T. W., Wong, L. T., Mui, K. W.
Added February 2024

Pioneering the use of tracker data to evaluate Lean-Led Hospital Design

Author(s): Schouten, H., Heusinkveld, S., Benders, J.
Added February 2024

Fundamentals of cancer treatment service design: A guideline considering the healing environment concept

Author(s): Cankurtaran, I., Gunel, M. H.
Added February 2024

Healing Spaces as a Design Approach to Optimize Emotional Regulation for Patients with Mood Disorders

Author(s): Yan, S., Azmi, A., Mansor, N., Wang, Z., Wang, Y.
Added February 2024

Nurses’ perceptions of the transition to 100% single-occupancy patient rooms in a university hospital in the Netherlands: An uncontrolled before and after study

Author(s): Pruijsten, R., Ista, E., Maben, J., van Heel, L., van Dijk, M.
Added February 2024

Environmental performance of patient rooms using an integrated approach considering operational energy, daylight and comfort analysis

Author(s): Eisazadeh, N., De Troyer, F., Allacker, K.
Added February 2024

Building the smart hospital of the future with technology bets

Author(s): Sukin, D. F., Fulin, T., Uralkan, M.
Added February 2024

A facilities planning and design of patient rooms for a Philippine private tertiary hospital

Author(s): Morada, I.A.L., Yuson, P.I.L., Tangsoc, J. C.
Added February 2024

Building health: Understanding how hospital leaders make decisions around interior design and the impact of those decisions on patient well-being

Author(s): Lamb, M. D., Kamran, Z., Shields, L.
Added February 2024

Moderating effects of individual traits on the association between nature and patient wait experiences

Author(s): Lee, J., Yoon, S.-Y.
Added February 2024

Evaluation of hospital pandemic response decisions to design for operational flexibility

Author(s): Lather, J. I., Ahmadi, S. Y., Akindele, N., Harms, A.
Added February 2024

Rethinking the healthcare facilities: The role of the buffer space

Author(s): Gola, M., Johnson, A. A., La Milia, D. I., Cadeddu, C., Bardini, F., Bianconi, B., Bisceglia, Raffaella, DiPumpo, Marcello, Genovese, C., Grieco, A., Piras, G., Guerra, R., Damiani, G., Favaretti, C., Montagna, M. T., Capolongo, S., Ricciardi, W.
Added February 2024

Toward a future orientation: A supportive mental health facility environment

Author(s): Hagerup, A., Wijk, H., Lindahl, G., Olausson, S.
Added February 2024

Adapting to change: A systematic literature review of environmental flexibility in emergency departments

Author(s): Jamshidi, S., Hashemi, S., Valipoor, S.
Added February 2024

Are we speaking the same language? Terminology consistency in EBD

Author(s): Golgolnia, T., Kevdzija, M., Marquardt, G.
Added February 2024

The influence of exposure to nature on inpatient hospital stays: A scoping review

Author(s): Guidolin, K., Jung, F., Hunter, S., Yan, H., Englesakis, M., Verderber, S., Chadi, S., Quereshy, F.
Added February 2024