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Knowledge Repository

ICU patient family stress recovery during breaks in a hospital garden and indoor environments

Author(s): Ulrich, R. S., Cordoza, M., Gardiner, S. K., Manulik, B. J., Fitzpatrick, P. S., Hazen, T. M., Perkins, R. S.
Added May 2020

User group consultation: Design quality and project success

Author(s): Carthey, J.
Added May 2020

Environmental performance measurement in hospitals: A bibliometric review of literature (1987–2017)

Author(s): Blass, A. P., Gouvea da Costa, S. E., Pinheiro de Lima, E., Tortato, U., Borges, L. A., Leal Filho, W., Tortato, U., Frankenberger, F.
Added April 2020

The use of lighting simulation in the evidence-based design process: A case study approach using visual comfort analysis in offices

Author(s): Davoodi, A., Johansson, P., Aries, M.
Added August 2020

Restorative servicescapes in health care: Examining the influence of hotel-like attributes on patient well-being

Author(s): Mody, M. A., Suess, C., Dogru, T.
Added August 2020

Single-bed or multibed room designs influence ICU staff stress and family satisfaction, but do not influence ICU staff burnout

Author(s): de Matos, L. B. N., Fumis, R. R. L., Nassar Junior, A. P., Lacerda, F. H., Caruso, P.
Added May 2020

Stroke patients’ experiences in an adaptive healing room in a stroke rehabilitation unit

Author(s): Arbel, I., Ye, B., Mihailidis, A.
Added May 2020

From competition to collaboration: How a multi-firm research coalition is realizing rigorous facility evaluation at Parkland Hospital

Author(s): Brittin, J., Okland, K., Rogers, J. L., Rich, R. K., Bazuin, D., Harper, K., Roy, L.
Added May 2020

Noise environments in nursing homes: An overview of the literature and a case study in Flanders with quantitative and qualitative methods

Author(s): Thomas, P., Aletta, F., Filipan, K., Mynsbrugge, T. V., De Geetere, L., Dijckmans, A., Botteldooren, D., Petrovic, M., Van de Velde, D., De Vriendt, P., Devos, P.
Added August 2020

Backstage staff communication: The effects of different levels of visual exposure to patients

Author(s): Lim, L., Kanfer, R., Stroebel, R. J., Zimring, C. M.
Added August 2020