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Knowledge Repository

A triangulation for passive design strategies in public hospital

Author(s): Muhamad, J., Ahmad, H., Abd Aziz, A.

The impact of infusion center layout on workflow and satisfactions in two cancer infusion centers: A case study on staff and patients

Author(s): Jalalianhosseini, M., Freihoefer, K., Doyle, N., Simpson, A.

The effect of a quiet environment on the comfort of post-operative infants and young children

Author(s): MacKay, P., Ruhlen, T., Crow, P., Hughes, J., Pfeiffer, K., Hagler, K.

Organisational change in hospitals: A qualitative case-study of staff perspectives

Author(s): Pomare, C., Churruca, K., Long, J. C., Ellis, L. A., Braithwaite, J.

ICU as informational interface

Author(s): Zook, J., Nanda, U., Renner, K.

Medicine’s melodies: On the costs & benefits of music, soundscapes, & noise in healthcare settings

Author(s): Spence, C., Keller, S.

Biophilia and Salutogenesis as restorative design approaches in healthcare architecture

Author(s): Abdelaal, M. S., Soebarto, V.

Medication error trends and effects of person-related, environment-related and communication-related factors on medication errors in a paediatric hospital

Author(s): Manias, E., Cranswick, N., Newall, F., Rosenfeld, E., Weiner, C., Williams, A., Wong, I. C. K., Borrott, N., Lai, J., Kinney, S.

Vitamin V: Evaluating the benefits of view quality in hospital patient rooms using a large-scale human factors study

Author(s): Nezamdoost, A., Modarres Nezhad, M.

Exploring the potentials of dementia village architecture

Author(s): Høj, L. D.