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Knowledge Repository

Tracking and controlling soft surface contamination in health care settings

Author(s): Sexton, J. D., Wilson, A. M., Sassi, H. P., Reynolds, K. A.

Cleaning the air with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation lessened contact infections in a long-term acute care hospital

Author(s): Ethington, T., Newsome, S., Waugh, J., Lee, L. D.

Acute alerting effects of light: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Souman, J. L., Tinga, A. M., te Pas, S. F., van Ee, R., Vlaskamp, B. N. S.

New insights on antimicrobial efficacy of copper surfaces in the healthcare environment: A systematic review

Author(s): Chyderiotis, S., Legeay, C., Verjat-Trannoy, D., Le Gallou, F., Astagneau, P., Lepelletier, D.

Nonpharmacological Interventions for Sleep Promotion on Preterm Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Liao, J.-H., Hu, R.-F., Su, L.-J., Wang, S., Xu, Q., Qian, X.-F., He, H.-G.

Home setting after stroke, facilitators and barriers: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Marcheschi, E., von Koch, L., Pessah‐Rasmussen, H., Elf, M.

Prevention and management of occupational violence and aggression in healthcare: A scoping review

Author(s): Morphet, J., Griffiths, D., Beattie, J., Velasquez Reyes, D., Innes, K.

Adverse events occurring on mental health units

Author(s): Mills, P. D., Watts, B. V., Shiner, B., Hemphill, R. R.

Are noise reduction interventions effective in adult ward settings? A systematic review and meta analysis

Author(s): Garside, J., Stephenson, J., Curtis, H., Morrell, M., Dearnley, C., Astin, F.

Is greenery associated with mental health among residents of aged care facilities? A systematic search and narrative review.

Author(s): Carver, A., Lorenzon, A., Veitch, J., Macleod, A., Sugiyama, T.