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Knowledge Repository

Part II: Optimizing endoscopy unit design: Lessons from a modern endoscopy suite in Japan

Author(s): Tanaka, S., Raju, G. S.

A Safe, Efficient and Integrated Indoor Robotic Fleet for Logistic Applications in Healthcare and Commercial Spaces: The ENDORSE Concept

Author(s): Ramdani, N., Panayides, A., Karamousadakis, M., Mellado, M., Lopez, R., Christophorou, C., Rebiai, M., Blouin, M., Vellidou, E., Koutsouris, D.

ICU patient family stress recovery during breaks in a hospital garden and indoor environments

Author(s): Ulrich, R. S., Cordoza, M., Gardiner, S. K., Manulik, B. J., Fitzpatrick, P. S., Hazen, T. M., Perkins, R. S.

Airborne transmission of exhaled droplet nuclei between occupants in a room with horizontal air distribution

Author(s): Ai, Z. T., Huang, T., Melikov, A. K.

The effect of a non-talking rule on the sound level and perception of patients in an outpatient infusion center

Author(s): Zijlstra, E., Hagedoorn, M., Krijnen, W. P., van der Schans, C. P., Mobach, M. P., Kamolz, L.-P.

Impact of environmental design on psychological and physical well-being among people with Alzheimer’s Disease

Author(s): Leszko, M., Bugajska, B.

A new method of human response testing to enhance the design process

Author(s): Kalantari, S.

Using interdisciplinary dress rehearsal events to ensure staff readiness when opening a new healthcare facility

Author(s): Aguilera, L. S., Dickey, E. K., Guzman, K.

Mental health facility codesign: A new research method for integrating the service user voice in design processes using virtual reality

Author(s): Liddicoat, S.

Infrastructure and simulation center design

Author(s): Sekandarpoor, F., Luevano, E. R., Crawford, S. B., Crawford, S. B., Baily, L. W., Monks, S. M.