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Knowledge Repository

Optimizing radiology reading room design: The eudaimonia radiology machine

Author(s): Larsen, E. P.
Added August 2021

Prioritization of passive measures for energy optimization designing of sustainable hospitals and health centres

Author(s): Balali, A., Valipour, A.
Added September 2021

The use of acrylic window as protective physical barrier against coronavirus infection in the context of voice disorders

Author(s): Plotas, P., Kagkelaris, K., Konstantopoulou, A., Georgakopoulos, C., Jelastopulu, E.
Added November 2021

Data-driven design strategies to address crowding and boarding in an emergency department: A discrete-event simulation study

Author(s): Valipoor, S., Hatami, M., Hakimjavadi, H., Akçalı, E., Swan, W. A., De Portu, G.
Added August 2021

From fable to reality at Parkland Hospital: The impact of evidence-based design strategies on patient safety, healing, and satisfaction in an adult inpatient environment

Author(s): Rich, R. K., Jimenez, F. E., Puumala, S. E., DePaola, S., Harper, K., Roy, L., Brittin, J.
Added August 2021

Reactivating hospital, active patients through special design

Author(s): Feenstra, F.
Added August 2021

Observational study of anaesthesia workflow to evaluate physical workspace design and layout

Author(s): Jurewicz, K. A., Neyens, D. M., Catchpole, K., Joseph, A., Reeves, S. T., Abernathy, J. H.
Added May 2021

Contamination of inert surfaces by SARS-CoV-2: Persistence, stability and infectivity. A review

Author(s): Marquès, M., Domingo, J. L.
Added March 2021

Can physical design help reduce loneliness in the elderly? A theoretical exploration

Author(s): Nasrallah, E., Pati, D.
Added August 2021

Investigating the association of room features with healthcare-facility–onset Clostridioides difficile: An exploratory study

Author(s): Root, E. D., Lindstrom, M., Xie, A., Mangino, J. E., Moffatt-Bruce, S., Hebert, Courtney
Added August 2021