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Knowledge Repository

Analysis of the perception of users of pre-hospital architecture in light steel frame: A case study in Minas Gerais, Brazil

Author(s): Vasconcelos, M., Melo, S., Souza, H. A.

Prevent safety threats in new construction through integration of simulation and FMEA

Author(s): Colman, N., Stone, K., Arnold, J., Doughty, C., Reid, J., Younker, S., Hebbar, K. B.

Health care–associated infections and the radiology department

Author(s): Ilyas, F., Burbridge, B., Babyn, P.

Human-centered design process for a hospital bed: Promoting patient safety and ease of use

Author(s): Wiggermann, N., Rempel, K., Zerhusen, R. M., Pelo, T., Mann, N.

An investigation of room functions and acoustic demands in selected departments in three Danish hospitals

Author(s): Larsen, T. M., Jeong, C.-H., Beldam, M.-B., Brunskog, J., Weitze, C.

Restorative servicescapes in health care: Examining the influence of hotel-like attributes on patient well-being

Author(s): Mody, M. A., Suess, C., Dogru, T.

Single-bed or multibed room designs influence ICU staff stress and family satisfaction, but do not influence ICU staff burnout

Author(s): de Matos, L. B. N., Fumis, R. R. L., Nassar Junior, A. P., Lacerda, F. H., Caruso, P.

Emergency department ergonomic design evaluation: A case study using fuzzy DEMATEL-focused two-stage methodology

Author(s): Gul, M.

Impacts of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster on healthcare facilities: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Ochi, S., Leppold, C., Kato, S.

Ambient air pollution in gastrointestinal endoscopy unit

Author(s): Bang, C. S., Lee, K., Yang, Y. J., Baik, G. H.