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Knowledge Repository

Exploring hospital wayfinding systems: Touchscreen kiosks, apps and environmental cues

Author(s): Harper, C., Jefferies, S., Crosser, A., Avera, A., Duke, T., Klisans, D. V.

Comfort and health of patients and staff, related to the physical environment of different departments in hospitals: a literature review

Author(s): Eijkelenboom, A. M., Bluyssen, P. M.

Implementation of greywater heat recovery system in hospitals

Author(s): Dudkiewicz, E., Ludwińska, A., Rajski, K., Sayegh, M. A., Danielewicz, J., Jouhara, H., Kaźmierczak, B., Kutyłowska, M., Piekarska, K.

The use of lighting simulation in the evidence-based design process: A case study approach using visual comfort analysis in offices

Author(s): Davoodi, A., Johansson, P., Aries, M.

User group consultation: Design quality and project success

Author(s): Carthey, J.

Indoor air quality in the hospital: The influence of heating, ventilating and conditioning systems

Author(s): Božić, J., Ilić, P., Ilić, S., Božić, J., Ilić, P., Ilić, S.

Affecting care: Maggie's Centres and the orchestration of architectural atmospheres

Author(s): Martin, D., Nettleton, S., Buse, C.

Palliative care nurses’ strategies when working in private homes – a photo elicitation study

Author(s): Alvariza, A., Mjörnberg, M., Goliath, I.

DIY biophilia: Development of the biophilic interior design matrix as a design tool

Author(s): McGee, B., Park, N.-K., Portillo, M., Bosch, S., Swisher, M.

Positive social interaction by spatial design: A systematic review of empirical literature in memory care facilities for people experiencing dementia

Author(s): Ferdous, F.