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Knowledge Repository

The creative healthcare architect

Author(s): Zilm, F., Atchley, R. A., Gregersen, S., Conrad, M. A.

ICU patient family stress recovery during breaks in a hospital garden and indoor environments

Author(s): Ulrich, R. S., Cordoza, M., Gardiner, S. K., Manulik, B. J., Fitzpatrick, P. S., Hazen, T. M., Perkins, R. S.

User group consultation: Design quality and project success

Author(s): Carthey, J.

Single-bed or multibed room designs influence ICU staff stress and family satisfaction, but do not influence ICU staff burnout

Author(s): de Matos, L. B. N., Fumis, R. R. L., Nassar Junior, A. P., Lacerda, F. H., Caruso, P.

Cost-benefit analysis of mood uplifting paintings in hospitals

Author(s): Mozayeni, S., Citera, M., Amirmostofian, P.

A work system analysis of the medication administration process in a Norwegian nursing home ward

Author(s): Odberg, K. R., Hansen, B. S., Aase, K., Wangensteen, S.

First results of self-reported health and comfort of staff in outpatient areas of hospitals in the Netherlands

Author(s): Eijkelenboom, A. M., Kim, D. H., Bluyssen, P. M.

Environmental factors affecting health-related quality of life: Nurses' narrative analysis

Author(s): Shamloo, G., Moradi, A. M., Hosseini, S. B.

Sound environment quality in nursing units in Chinese nursing homes: A pilot study

Author(s): Xie, H., Zhong, B., Liu, C.

Nexus of thermal resilience and energy efficiency in buildings: A case study of a nursing home

Author(s): Sun, K., Specian, M., Hong, T.