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Knowledge Repository

Target Value Design Inspired Practices to Deliver Sustainable Buildings

Author(s): Silveira, S., Alves, T.

Designing Interiors to Mitigate Physical and Cognitive Deficits Related to Aging and to Promote Longevity in Older Adults: A Review

Author(s): Engineer, A., Sternberg, E. M., Najafi, B.

A narrative review of interventions for improving sleep and reducing circadian disruption in medical inpatients

Author(s): Tan, X., van Egmond, L., Partinen, M., Lange, T., Benedict, C.

Establishing a Clinical Laboratory in a Tertiary/Quaternary Care Greenfield Hospital in the Middle East: Recounting the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Experience

Author(s): Mirza, I., AbdelWareth, L. O., Liaqat, M., Anderson, P., Palmer, B., Turner, A., Pallinalakam, F., Ali, H. B., Tantia, E., Lari, S., Tiexiera, T., Suchy, P., Bosler, D., Kottke-Marchant, K.

The contribution of hand drying in prevention of transmission of microorganisms: Comparison of the efficacy of three hand drying methods in the removal and distribution of microorganisms

Author(s): Pitt, S. J., Crockett, S. L., Andreou, G. M.

Hospital Workplace Violence Prevention in California: New Regulations

Author(s): Gooch, P.

Recognising the importance of informal communication events in improving collaborative care

Author(s): Burm, S., Boese, K., Faden, L., DeLuca, S., Huda, N., Hibbert, K., Goldszmidt, M.

A study of relationships between content in documents from the health service operational plan and documents from the planning of new healthcare environments

Author(s): Elf, M., Lindahl, G., Anåker, A.

Home setting after stroke, facilitators and barriers: A systematic literature review

Author(s): Marcheschi, E., von Koch, L., Pessah‐Rasmussen, H., Elf, M.

Staff and family attitudes to fences as a means of detaining people with dementia in residential aged care settings: The tension between physical and emotional safety

Author(s): Dreyfus, S., Phillipson, L., Fleming, R.