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Knowledge Repository

Where We Walk Is What We See: Foundational Concepts and Analytical Techniques of Space Syntax

Author(s): Haq, S.

A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Decentralized Nursing Stations

Author(s): Fay, L., Cai, H., Real, K.

Impact of Nurses Taking Daily Work Breaks in a Hospital Garden on Burnout

Author(s): Cordoza, M., Ulrich, R. S., Manulik, B. J., Gardiner, S. K., Fitzpatrick, P. S., Hazen, T. M., Mirka, A., Perkins, R. S.

A Regional Survey on Residents’ Preferences on Patient-Centered Medical Home Design in Rural Areas

Author(s): Cai, H., Spreckelmeyer, K., Mendenhall, A., Li, D., Holmes, C., Levy, M.

Impact of Design on Emotional, Psychological, or Social Well-Being for People With Cognitive Impairment

Author(s): Karol, E., Smith, D.

Comparative CFD Investigation of Upper Room UVGI Efficacy with Three Different Ventilation Systems

Author(s): Kanaan, M., Moughlbay, A. A.

The Reality of Well-Being-Focused Design in Dementia Care: A Case Study of Acute Dementia Wards in the United Kingdom

Author(s): Catt, M., Giridharan, R.

Ensuring Capability to Provide Safe Patient Care Prior to Occupying Renovated Clinical Area

Author(s): West, G. F., Rose, T. J.

A Novel Approach to Addressing an Unintended Consequence of Direct to Room: The Delay of Initial Vital Signs

Author(s): Basile, J., Youssef, E., Cambria, B., Chacko, J., Treval, K., Hahn, B., Ardolic, B.

Key Players in Key Roles: The Baystate Patient Progress Initiative to Improve Emergency Department Efficiency and Productivity

Author(s): Rathlev, N. K., Anderson, J., Schmidt, J., Hettler, J., Garreffi, L., Gray, M., Neal, D., Visintainer, P.