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Knowledge Repository

Service environment link and false discovery rate correction: Methodological considerations in population and health facility surveys

Author(s): Tegegne, T. K., Chojenta, C., Getachew, T., Smith, R., Loxton, D.

Part I: How to ergonomically design a modern endoscopic suite

Author(s): Tan, G., Rao, S. S. C.

Differences in early auditory exposure across neonatal environments

Author(s): Liszka, L., Smith, J., Mathur, A., Schlaggar, B. L., Colditz, G., Pineda, R.

Simulating multi-agent narratives for pre-occupancy evaluation of architectural designs

Author(s): Schaumann, D., Putievsky Pilosof, N., Sopher, H., Yahav, J., Kalay, Y. E.

The creative healthcare architect

Author(s): Zilm, F., Atchley, R. A., Gregersen, S., Conrad, M. A.

Multicenter outbreak of gram-negative bloodstream infections in hemodialysis patients

Author(s): Novosad, S. A., Lake, J., Nguyen, D., Soda, E., Moulton-Meissner, H., Pho, M. T., Gualandi, N., Bepo, L., Stanton, R. A., Daniels, J. B., Turabelidze, G., Van Allen, K., Arduino, M., Halpin, A. L., Layden, J., Patel, P. R.

Indoor hospital air and the impact of ventilation on bioaerosols: A systematic review

Author(s): Stockwell, R. E., Ballard, E. L., O’Rourke, P., Knibbs, L. D., Morawska, L., Bell, S. C.

Exploring the relationships between patient room layout and patient satisfaction

Author(s): MacAllister, L., Zimring, C., Ryherd, E.

A grounded theoretical analysis of room elements desired by family members and visitors of hospitalized patients: Implications for medical/surgical hospital patient room design

Author(s): Patterson, E. S., Sanders, E. B.-N., Lavender, S. A., Sommerich, C. M., Park, S., Li, J., Evans, K. D.

How enclosure and spatial organization affect residents’ use and experience of a dementia special care unit: A case study

Author(s): Van Hecke, L., Van Steenwinkel, I., Heylighen, A.