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Celebrate The Center’s 25 Years and Industry-Changing Accomplishments


Dear Friends,
For a quarter of a century, The Center for Health Design has been influencing the ways in which healthcare environments are designed and built. We have demonstrated our commitment to our industry and those we serve through research, education, advocacy, and innovation. The work we do expands beyond industry professionals, reaching and positively impacting patients and their loved ones.

It’s hard to think of any situation in which design does not make a difference, both positive and negative.
Jain Malkin, Interior Designer, retired 

As we look to what the next 25 years will bring, we are excited by the many opportunities before us and the ability to continue to drive and shape the ways healthcare facilities and environments deliver care to patients and improve the ability of those working in them to provide care. Our goal is to continue to influence innovation and share all we learn with those designing and developing spaces of healing and comfort. 

Just take a look at these highlights of the industry and life-changing accomplishments we have achieved together. 

It’s easy to build a pretty new building. It’s really hard to improve the patient and staff experience. The Center for Health Design is helping us do this.   
Avein Saaty-Tafoya MD, MBA, HCM, EDAC, President & CEO, Adelante Healthcare

To secure our future as the leader and innovator in our industry, we must embrace a culture of philanthropy to help us grow and maintain the caliber of services our members have come to expect and upon which they depend.
We will look to those who support the work we are doing and who share our desire to promote the best possible environments for the healthcare industry and those it serves. It will be through the generosity of those who truly value and understand the importance of our work that we will expand our reach and improve our ability to share knowledge and best practices resulting in better, safer, and healthier environments.
Please consider making a financial commitment today to The Center for Health Design so that we are able to improve patient outcomes and impact the lives of thousands each day.