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Our Hidden Heroes

Who do you know that is making a difference in the way healthcare facilities are designed and built?

We ask that question every year as we launch our search for the recipient of our annual Changemaker Award and it has produced a healthcare design “Who’s Who” of deserving and inspiring winners, most instantly recognizable for their accomplished careers and well-known achievements. George Tingwald. Pattie Moore. Cyndi McCullough. David Allison. Robert Mayer. Frank Pitts. Mardelle Shepley. The list goes on and on, all the way back to our first Changemaker, Robin Orr, in 1999.

This year, as we open the 2022 nominations, I’d like to challenge our community to think a little broader, deeper and outside the box when considering this year’s submissions.

Our industry is filled with professionals who have committed themselves and their careers to innovate, advocate, lead, mentor and drive genuine change, but might be working in relative obscurity, on small projects with smaller budgets, or in underserved communities whose projects don’t garner big awards.

Over the last couple of years we’ve seen what exceptional sacrifice, effort, commitment, ingenuity and caring looks like in our healthcare workers and the impact they have made. Can you help us find members of our healthcare design community who have brought those same qualities to bear on our profession?

I look forward to your Changemaker 2022 nominations with great anticipation! Nominations are now open and the submission deadline is March 18, 2022. Learn more here.

Be well,

Debra Levin, Hon. FASID, EDAC
President and CEO


Two Webinars on Infection Prevention and Control  


How to Extend Fabric & Surface Life: Selection Specifications & Cleaning Strategies

February 17, 2022
10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST
FREE | CEUs Available

Intense use, cleaning and disinfecting make durable coated fabrics and surface materials in healthcare environments susceptible to premature and costly failure. Learn how to prolong their useful life with performance-based selection specifications and new cleaning methods.

Learn more and register here.

Designing Alternate Telehealth Locations for Access, Infection Control and Privacy

February 17, 2022
12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST
FREE | CEUs Available

While telehealth offers many advantages, it presents a new set of challenges and disparities, requiring out-of-the-box thinking for where to offer access to safe telehealth, and how to configure these alternative locations to address infection control and prevention, accessibility, privacy and other unique issues.

Learn more and register here.

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Free Tools & Resources

Voices of the Industry

The Future of Healthcare Design: Looking Back to Move Forward

Over the past 50 years, the evolution of healthcare design has seen dramatic, and often times revolutionary changes that have had profound, positive impacts on how care is delivered and received. These changes have been shepherded by icons of the industry whose leadership has had lasting impact.

Hosted by Center board member Barry Rabner, this exchange with two titans of the industry – 2021 Changemaker Dr. George Tingwald of Stanford Health Care and Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Frank Zilm of the University of Kansas – features their real-world experiences, memorable stories from their careers and most importantly, guidance towards a path forward that sheds light on the opportunities for the future of healthcare delivery and design.

Watch here.


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Upcoming Events

Thursday 2/24: Behind the Scenes of Two 2021 Touchstone Platinum Projects

2/24 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST, Webinar: Upside Down and Inside Out – Understanding the Grab Bar Research that Led to Revised Codes

Join and listen to the on-going efforts of a project team to advance it from its initial stage – as an AIA Design for Aging Knowledge Community white paper to push for revisions to the Americans’ with Disabilities Act – to a two-phase, comparative analysis study of elders living in nursing homes.

2/24 12:00 PM PST / 3:00 PM EST, Webinar: Designing for Health in HDR’s New Corporate Headquarters – From Planning through Evaluation

Hear the story of global architecture and engineering firm HDR’s bold endeavor to design, build and then measure the effects and outcomes of their new HQ, and its contribution to the creation of a vibrant and resilient mixed-used community in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Originally a horse-racing track, this new development creates diverse opportunities for social engagement, healthy living, eating and shopping, and outdoor activities.

3/18, Deadline: 2022 HCD Changemaker Award Nominations Due

Classic Resources

EDAC Advocate Firm Project: The Center for Advanced Healthcare at Brownwood (CAHB), The Villages, FL | ESA

During the initial site planning, the CAHB’s program massing and stacking and EBD goals and benefits were established early with the owner and program stakeholders. ESA has a basis for successful design interventions with this market based upon a long-standing design history with two primary hospitals that support The Villages’ inpatient needs. Challenges to address in this outpatient facility included minimizing falls, supporting impaired hearing and vision, and creating strong wayfinding for orientation challenges – all within a discerning consumer population.

EDAC Advocate Firm Project: Providence Care Hospital Kingston, Ontario, Canada | Parkin Architects Limited

The key goals of this project to guide the design excellence parameters were: to promote recovery and transition; to foster connection and connectivity with people and their surroundings; to create a healing environment; to enhance the staff and patient experience; to enhance co-mingling (of staff, patients, visitors and community); and to reduce stigma.

Industry News Briefs

Why Design Plays a Crucial Role in Renovations

Physical environments can greatly impact an individual’s health, and design plays an important role in that process. Historically, design of healthcare facilities focused on function and not so much experience. But as the healthcare sector becomes more innovative, the focus is no longer where but how treatment is administered in order to be successful.
Healthcare Facilities Today,

Strategies for Creating LGBTQ-inclusive Care Environments

As a 2017 poll by the Harvard Chan School, NPR and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on Discrimination in America found, 18% of surveyed LGBTQ Americans reported avoiding going to a doctor or seeking health care out of concern that they would be discriminated against or treated poorly because of their LGBTQ identity. That jumps to 22% for transgender individuals. Establishing an inclusive environment from the very first contact is a critical first step in securing the trust of all patients, visitors and guests.
Health Facilities Management Magazine,

A Step-by-step Approach to Tackling Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare leaders need little reminding that investing in digital health has become an urgent priority — with care staff burned out from the pandemic, a national nursing shortage looming, and consumers increasingly expecting a modern, digital experience across care settings. This environment offers many opportunities for improving care as well as the provider and patient experience, but it also comes with several challenges.
MedCity News,

How COVID-19 Has Altered Apartment Design, Construction

These COVID-19-spawned lifestyle changes present a dilemma for apartment developers. Apartments aren’t constructed overnight. Usually, it takes a few years to build a project. So what might be popular today may not be en vogue three years from now when residents start streaming into a new building. That forces multifamily developers to make a bet that could be costly: Is it worth the risk to build apartments and amenities that cater to change brought on by the pandemic?

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