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MAY 2021

May Mental Health Month

For over 70 years, the month of May has been observed in the U.S. as Mental Health Awareness month. It's a time to raise awareness of those living with mental or behavioral health issues and to help reduce the stigma so many perceive.

Healthcare facilities play a crucial role addressing not only the stigma, but with the growing mental, behavioral and substance abuse crises that reaches far beyond the behavioral & mental (BMH) health units – into emergency departments, outpatient clinics and throughout acute care settings. Every healthcare space we design needs to incorporate the best design solutions that help to resolve BMH challenges while enhancing patient and staff safety.   

I encourage you to join us next week for our workshop, "Behavioral & Mental Health: Design for Complexity, Flexibility and Equity". We will address the challenges created by today’s growing mental health and substance abuse crises, especially in light of the pandemic.

This free virtual workshop provides the latest in design thinking and offers state-of-the-art best practices through thought leader presentations, case studies, and panel discussions. And, attendees will have opportunities to pose questions to workshop faculty and interact with fellow attendees in fun and innovative ways.

I hope you will join us! 

Be well,

Debra Levin, Hon. FASID, EDAC
President and CEO


Altro Tegulis by Altro  

Altro Tegulis is a hygienic wall panel solution with a chic, authentic tile look and feel. The custom-etched grout lines eliminate the need for scrubbing and repair issues common with traditional ceramic tile.

With traditional ceramic tiles used in wet environments, porous grout can absorb excess moisture and harbor bacteria, leading to mold and mildew beneath the surface over time. These tiles are also subject to cracking, chipping and breaking as they gradually wear down or from heavy impact. As a result, extensive scrubbing, water ingress and repair issues can become a recurring problem.

Altro Tegulis possesses a durability and water resistance, allowing it to endure frequent cleaning and disinfecting as well as heavy impact. By etching grout lines in many different styles, it provides an authentic, residential-looking tile without the drawbacks that come with traditional ceramic tile.

Read more here.


Stance Healthcare

Free Tools & Resources

Slidecast: Older Adult Experiences with Ambulation during a Hospital Stay 

The inability to independently ambulate during an admission frequently results in “hospital associated disability” for older adults.

Understanding and addressing ambulatory barriers from their point of view is essential to facilitate better outcomes.


Upcoming Events

Make Sure to Get These Events on Your Calendar

5/20, FREE Behavioral & Mental Health Workshop

5/21, Touchstone Award Submissions Due

5/27, Webinar: Emergency Critical Care Design and Post Occupancy Success

5/31, Last Day to Submit to CODAawards Program

6/3, Free Webinar, Integrated Facility Design

6/16, Workshop: The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Design for the Forgotten Middle

6/25, Workshop: Transforming Outcomes: Integrating Lean and EBD

6/30, Free, Voices of the Industry Webinar: Looking Forward: The Future of Healthcare Facilities


Classic Resources

Design for Behavioral and Mental Health: A Universal Approach & Benefit Analysis

Design interventions to improve well-being for patients with behavioral and mental health (BMH) conditions will often have impacts on other populations, as well (e.g., staff, visitors, non-BMH patients who use the same facility). This tool will help you consider those broader impacts and incorporate them into an evidence-based process for a universal design approach.

EDAC Advocate Firm Project:  Cherokee Indian Hospital

The goal of the art program was to respect and visually reflect modernday life as an EBCI member while celebrating the unique Cherokee culture through original, multimedia artwork created by tribal members.





Industry News Briefs

4 MEP Design Consideratons To Improve Patient Experience

An increasing number of hospital systems are building off-site cancer centers to move cancer treatments to outpatient facilities. Cancer treatment visits are not only much longer than other outpatient facility procedures, but they can also be extremely stressful and emotionally taxing for the patient. To make cancer treatment sessions far more comfortable for patients, there are many mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) considerations that engineers can include in their designs.
Healthcare Facilities Today,

The Role of Surfaces in COVID-19 Spread

Although the one-year mark since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic passed last month, researchers from various disciplines of science say there is still much to learn about how the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 operates. That is why two researchers recently combed through decades of studies regarding the ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects. The research provides valuable insight for health care.
Health Facilities Management,

Operating Rooms Undergo the Knife

If you ask Dr. Scott T. Reeves, operating rooms resemble an airplane cockpit. There is sophisticated equipment, tight spaces, blinking lights and a cacophony of sound. On top of that, “they’re often cluttered, people can trip, surgeons and nurses can stick themselves with needles, and site infections from dust and other contaminations are a growing problem,” said Dr. Reeves, chair of the department of anesthesia and perioperative medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina
The New York Times,

Surfaces, Sanitization and COVID 19: A Closer Look

While many of the measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare facilities have involved changes and upgrades of HVAC systems and components, researchers are still learning about the role that sanitization can play in controlling infections. Recently, two researchers combed through decades of studies regarding the ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects, according to Healthcare Facilities Management.
Healthcare Facilities Today,

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