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Vision, Expertise, Leadership


Accelerate Change
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Our Cornerstone partners, through their generous financial support, are invaluable and essential to the continued success of The Center and our 25-year transformation of healthcare design.
Through collaborative initiatives in research, education and advocacy, The Center has not only helped define the best practices and standards, but provided resources, tools, learning and networking opportunities that serve to advance the entire industry.
We’ve accomplished much, yet so much more remains to be done in an industry that is ever-changing and faced with new demands and challenges every day.
Thank you to our Cornerstone partners for stepping up with contributions that demonstrate their vision, expertise, leadership and shared commitment to the work of The Center for Health Design; to improving the lives of patients, staff and their families; and, to the industry as a whole, today and into the future.

Cornerstone status affords industry partners – in design and architecture, healthcare, products and services, and education – an opportunity, through their financial support, to acknowledge and celebrate the valuable work of the non-profit Center for Health Design and help ensure its ongoing and vital contributions to our industry and world.
Please take a few moments to learn more and consider joining us as a Center for Health Design Cornerstone. View the Cornerstone opportunity fact sheet or contact The Center’s President and CEO Debra Levin directly at (925) 521-9404 x110 or dlevin@healthdesign.org.