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JUNE 2020

A Time for Reflection

In the 1976 film Network, fictional TV news anchor Howard Beale, played by Peter Finch, breaks down on national TV and yells, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!” before imploring those watching to open their windows and shout the same.

Today that rallying cry echoes across our nation and around the world as we express our shared frustration, sadness and anger over the injustices and inequities that our Black brothers and sisters have endured for far too long.

For nearly 30 years The Center for Health Design has been a catalyst for change, driving healthcare environment solutions that improve the quality of life for patients, families and staff. However, the senseless death of George Floyd rattles our consciousness with the realization that our greatest work and solutions are incomplete when the larger societal and systemic racial problems remain unsolved.

People of all races, creeds and colors, coming together in protest around the world to say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”, has opened up a crack in the wall for light to shine in. To move from a place of sadness and anger to a place of hope and action that produces real and sustainable change.

At The Center, we choose to be a part of this broader global conversation, a contributor to a new solution. We stand against racism, inequality and bigotry. We stand for equality, inclusion and fairness.

Words are important, they carry weight; but actions, they create change, and so we are taking action. We have formed a committee of Center employees to explore ways we at The Center can help in the fight against racism and inequality. We will seek more diversity as we grow our staff and leadership, and work to have that same diversity represented in our program faculty so all voices and perspectives are being represented. We will work to dig more deeply to find outstanding projects being created in underserved communities and shine a spotlight on that work. And we challenge ourselves to be a part of helping to create a healthcare design community that is as unique and diverse as the people we all serve.

We know these issues won’t be solved overnight but at The Center, we have always been in this for the long game. Our industry is filled with caring and dedicated professionals often driven to this work for personal reasons. We are not an industry that shies away from a challenge but rather one that embraces it and charges forward head-on. Change happens when you can harness the passion and commitment of many, and passion and commitment are traits our industry has in excess.

I welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments.

Be well,

Debra Levin, Hon. FASID, EDAC
President and CEO


Design Resources to Help Minimize Infections in the Built Environment 

The Center for Health Design has gathered resources from our own website, as well as from partner organizations, to help healthcare facilities address near-term needs related to the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as to better inform plans and projects in development now and in the future.

While these resources were created to help minimize the impact of infections and transmittable diseases in healthcare facilities, much of the research and guidance is relevant and useful in any built environment.

These resources include:

  • The latest COVID-19-specific research and facility response guidance;
  • Our MakingRoom online database connecting hotels with hospitals in urgent need of additional space;
  • Our Infection Control Toolbox with evidence-based strategies, tools and best practices;
  • A link to the FEMA Claims Recovery Service and,
  • Select relevant research and articles from our Knowledge Repository. 

Access COVID-19 Resources here.




Free Tools & Resources

On-Demand Webinar: Safety Risk Assessment 2.0

This webinar introduces the new, easier to use, online interface for The Center’s Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) toolkit, a proactive and systematic approach to designing and renovating healthcare facilities for safety. Originally developed through research and consensus to support the requirements of the FGI Guidelines, The Center's research team will walk you through the why, what, and how of each part of the online SRA toolkit illustrating features with vignettes gathered from the testing process.

Upcoming Events

Make Sure to Get These Events on Your Calendar

6/18, Free Webinar: The Owners Perspective: Key Insights Impacting the Future of Healthcare Design & Construction

6/18, Webinar: The Rapid Evolution of FSEDs and Micro Hospitals, The New Model for Design

7/15, Healthcare Environment Awards Submission Deadline

7/16, Free Webinar: New Information About Specifying and Cleaning Durable Coated Fabrics

Classic Resources

Interactive Design Diagrams

Healthcare is provided in a variety of settings, from a person’s home to outpatient clinics, to the hospital. This set of interactive diagrams provides a link between the evidence base, design strategies, and desired outcomes – in a visually intuitive and actionable format.

Webinar: Telemedicine, Where We Are and Why the Built Environment Matters

This webinar provides the definitions and content in the new section of the Guidelines, along with the research and practice-based evidence to support these design approaches.





September WorkshopsSeptember Workshops

emerging policies, new design strategies
4 Workshops That Address Today's Challenges

The world is changing quickly. And, so are the challenges facing healthcare design. We're bringing together the industry-leading experts who will present the challenges facing telemedicine, pediatric, behavioral health, and residential environment design and architecture. Join us to problem-solve with the experts and learn about the latest design interventions that create high-quality, high-tech and uplifting environments.  

Join us for one, two, three or all four days!


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Whitehall Manufacturing

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Accurate spec

Kingsway Group

Industry News Briefs

Equipment and Environment 

Need Infection

Control Attention


“Immediate” implementation of best infection control products and practices should be occurring amid mushrooming COVID-19 fears, the nation’s largest nursing home association notified provider leaders last week.  That includes the following, if they haven’t been done already: placing hand-washing stations or alcohol-based hand rubs by all entryways, cleaning non-disposable medical equipment between each use, and screening any equipment newly coming into a facility. :
McKnight's Long Term Care News,

What Labs Can Teach Us About Safely Returning to Offices 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced countries and companies around the world to think deeply about the health and safety of their people. It is morally and economically essential that, as employees begin to emerge from lock-downs, they can be confident that their offices and places of work are equipped to minimize the risks of infection.
Healthcare Facilities Today,

Here's How COVID-19 Will Change Healthcare Facility Design

When the COVID-19 virus began spreading throughout the globe, the call to action rose up in the medical world — including those who work in healthcare facility design. Healthcare professionals did their best to prepare for an expected wave of patients in need of treatment, some requiring standard levels of care, while many others requiring intensive care, including intubations. By and large, the healthcare community in the United States rose up to meet the challenge.
AZ Big Media,

Optimizing Physical

Spaces for



While virtual healthcare visits – medical consultations that take place remotely using video and audio connections – were around long before the coronavirus, the pandemic has helped to make these connections healthcare’s new normal. In 2020 alone, experts predict virtual visits will soar to more than one billion, with more than 900 million visits related to COVID-19.
Healthcare Facilities Today ,


The Center for Health Design would like to thank our thought leadership partner:



The Center for Health Design is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization whose mission is to transform healthcare environments for a healthier, safer world through design research, education and advocacy. Learn more. For information about sponsor or partnership opportunities, contact our VP of Relationship Development, Randy Carter


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