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Healthcare Environment Awards

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Recognizing innovative, life-enhancing design that contributes to the quality of health and care.

Submissions Open: August 15, 2024
Submissions Deadline: September 27, 2024


The Center for Health Design is accepting entries for the 2024 Healthcare Environment Awards.

At The Center for Health Design, we believe:

Design can improve safety.
Design can enhance experiences.
Design can increase organizational efficiency.
Design can improve outcomes. Tell us about yours.

The Center for Health Design. Maximizing Health through Informed Design.


  • Acute (Inpatient) Care Facilities
  • Ambulatory (Outpatient) Care Facilities
  • Long-Term Care/Assisted Living Facilities
  • Behavioral & Mental Health Settings
  • Pediatric Settings
  • Hospital Settings 
  • Conceptual Design 
  • Student Design Work
  • Alternative Settings*

*There is an interest in specialties such as Health & Fitness Wellness Facilities, Landscape Design, settings for new models of care, Health and Education, Technology and Telehealth, Healthcare at Home, Community Health Centers, etc.


  • Professional entries of built work must be interiors that are fully operational no earlier than September 1, 2022, and no later than July 1, 2024.
  • Conceptual entries must have been completed no earlier than September 1, 2022, and no later than July 1, 2024.
  • Student entries must have been completed in either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 school years.
  • If your project fits the eligibility requirements above and has previously been submitted for the Healthcare Environment Award but was not an award recipient, you may reapply.
  • Firms may enter multiple projects within the same year. The projects can be in the same category.


  • Entries must be blinded – remove all mention of firm/university/organization and individuals within the narrative; no logos (or descriptive text) are to be included on images.
  • Professional entries of built, completed work must include a minimum of six and maximum of 10 images, including a minimum of one floor plan, all submitted in .jpg format. While a side-by-side "before-&-after" image may be most appropriate to share a concept, compilations of multiple images should not be used.
  • Conceptual and student entries must include a maximum of 10 .jpg images of renderings or photographs of models. Compilations of multiple images should not be used unless they are inherently a component of the concept being portrayed.
  • Submission Fees:
    • Professional built and conceptual entries: $475
    • Affiliate+ and Corporate Affiliate member entries: $425
    • Student entries: $45
  • Deadline to submit: September 27, 2024
  • The decision of the judges are final. The judges reserve the right to make no award.​


  • You are encouraged to write a narrative with the input of the interdisciplinary team.
  • For the purpose of this award’s goals, stock “marketing” language typically used in promotional materials is usually not the best way to communicate complex and nuanced strategies that have been considered and weighed against other options.
  • Make sure the narrative aligns with the images you are submitting.

Planning, Design & Construction | PDC Summit

  • Winners will be announced at The Center for Health Design’s awards presentation during the 2025 PDC Summit in Atlanta, GA.
  • Winners receive recognition in the gallery spaces at the PDC Summit.
  • Winners receive one complimentary registration to the PDC Summit.

Other Recognition

  • One crystal award will be presented to each winning project.
  • Winning projects will be featured in an issue of Health Facilities Management magazine, a publication of the American Hospital Association, and on The Center for Health Design’s website.
  • Winning projects may also be featured in a Center for Health Design awards booklet and/or webinar.




Submission Criteria: 

Healthcare Environment Awards Submission Form (Basic)

Healthcare Environment Awards Submission Form (Student/Conceptual)


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