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The Touchstone Awards

About the Award | Should You Apply? | Criteria, Levels & Judging | Timeline & Application

Presented by The Center for Health Design, the Touchstone Awards recognize exemplary use of an evidence-based design (EBD) process in the built environment -- projects and products -- and exceptional achievement across the three touchstones of the EBD process: collaboration, evaluation, and sharing.


Since 2009, over 2800 individuals have obtained certification through the EDAC (Evidence-Based Design Accreditation and Certification) program. These individuals, together with their colleagues, clients and project teams, have employed the EBD process in projects and products worldwide to enhance health, safety and wellness; increase value; improve outcomes; and, engage stakeholders.

The Touchstone Award – with its rigorous judging by accomplished and renowned industry veterans – represents the pinnacle of achievement for evidence-based design practitioners, and their firms, teams and projects or products.

While originally conceived to recognize the use of the EBD process specifically in healthcare environments, today projects (built or conceptual) or products of any type that employ an evidence-based design process are eligible and encouraged to explore this recognition opportunity and apply.

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