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The Touchstone Awards

About the Award | Should You Apply? | Criteria, Levels & Judging | Timeline & Application

Your team should apply if…

Your commitment to evidence-based design runs deep. Like the adoption of evidence in medical practice, the choice to use evidence and research in the design and construction or fabrication of your project or product demonstrates your organization’s thoughtful commitment to the highest standards and a desire to make a difference for those who have entrusted you with their health, safety and wellbeing.

You have created a distinction of difference. The Touchstone Award distinguishes your project or product as a stellar example of design executed with the intention to improve the patient, family, staff and visitor experience; health, safety, wellness and other measurable outcomes; and, the overall value for all stakeholders and the organization.

You want to showcase your innovative design solutions, build momentum for future projects or products, and deepen relationships through the celebration of your collaborative and impactful work.

You will advance the industry’s knowledge by sharing your EBD journey and lessons learned to create an environment that will improve outcomes.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to submit at all stages of a project while employing an EBD process; a single project or product is eligible to receive all levels of award over its lifecycle.

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