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Touchstone Award Criteria

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Submissions are scored based upon their success in achieving criteria in the three categories:

Collaborate: Submissions must demonstrate interdisciplinary team and stakeholder education, engagement and development.

Evaluate: Submissions must demonstrate the extent to which evidence was found, evaluated, and applied to develop and link design strategies to outcomes and how the project or product measured and evaluated the results and outcomes.

Share: Submissions must demonstrate how the EBD process was applied and how the knowledge gained was documented and disseminated and how lessons learned were shared and could have potential application for future projects or products.

Award Levels

There are three award levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum and will be determined based upon successful achievement of the criteria within each category (Collaborate, Evaluate, and Share). Applicants will only be awarded the Gold or Platinum Level if they have also met the majority of the criteria in the preceding levels (See Figure A).

A Platinum Award demonstrates the highest achievement and application of the EBD process. Projects or products that are solely conceptual, or are not yet built, will also be considered for an award. These will qualify for the Silver or Gold level. Projects or products must be built in order for them to be considered for a Platinum award.


An expert review panel consisting of key industry stakeholders — Academics, Architects, Designers, Healthcare Executives, Planners, Facility Executives, Patient and Family Advisors, Researchers — has been engaged by The Center, who will manage the process and ensure blind entry judging.

If any juror has participated in any of the submitted projects or products, he or she will not participate in judging for that submission. In all cases, basic information will be blinded from all jurors.

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