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COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Facilities

Listed below are select resources available on The Center for Health Design’s website, as well as from partner organizations, to help healthcare facilities address near-term needs related to the current COVID-19 epidemic, as well as to better inform plans and projects in development now and in the future.
While these resources were created to help minimize the impact of infections and transmittable diseases in healthcare facilities, much of the research and guidance is relevant and useful in any built environment.
We hope you find these resources informative and helpful as you navigate these uncertain days, and that you and yours remain in good health.

Online database connecting hotels with hospitals in urgent need of additional space

Created to provide hospitals and other care providers with a forum to communicate their space needs; and for hotels and others with multi-unit or high-occupancy residential facilities to indicate their capacity and willingness to consider these urgent needs. Submit space needs or availability via online forms; view real-time posted needs and availability lists.

Infection Control Toolbox
Evidence-based strategies, tools and best practices

Over 25 resources -- issue briefs, design strategies, planning tools, lessons learned, project briefs, interviews, webinars and more -- for healthcare facilities, created by The Center for Health Design, with a focus on hand hygiene, contact transmission, surface cleaning and other related topics. Normally available only with Affiliate+ membership, this toolbox is now available for free access. Access the Infection Control Toolbox.

Financial Claims Recovery Service
FEMA claims recovery coordination and support

Does your not-for-profit healthcare organization need assistance with financial claims recovery related to COVID-19?  Access FEMA claims recovery coordination and support through DRS, an organization with 20 years of FEMA claims recovery experience. DRS provides procurement, FEMA Public Assistance Grant, claims accounting, and grant strategy support to public entities following declared disaster events. Get more information.

Selected Research and Articles from our Knowledge Repository
Our always-open-access Knowledge Repository contains over 600 resources – Key Point Summaries, articles and research citations – that can support your efforts to integrate more infection control strategies and solutions into your built environment designs.
Selected relevant articles include:

Secondary exposure risks to patients in an airborne isolation room
Implications for anteroom design

Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Negative-Pressure Isolation Rooms
Using the Balanced Scorecard Framework

Decreasing Airborne Contamination Levels in High-Risk Hospital Areas Using a Novel Mobile Air-Treatment Unit

The influence of human walking on the flow and airborne transmission in a six-bed isolation room
Tracer gas simulation

Airflow patterns through single hinged and sliding doors in hospital isolation rooms
Effect of ventilation, flow differential and passage

Natural Ventilation for the Prevention of Airborne Contagion

HVAC filtration for controlling infectious airborne disease transmission in indoor environments
Predicting risk reductions and operational costs

Role of ventilation in airborne transmission of infectious agents in the built environment - a multidisciplinary systematic review

The Efficacy of Visual Cues to Improve Hand Hygiene Compliance