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Connecting hotels and hospitals with urgent needs for space
Right now, all around the country, there is an urgent need for safe, clean and immediately available accommodations that can be used as-is or adapted to provide much needed capacity for a variety of hospital needs.

This website has been created to provide hospitals and other care providers with a forum to communicate their space needs; and for hotels and others with multi-unit or high-occupancy residential facilities to indicate their capacity and willingness to consider these urgent needs.
To post a space need or availability to our open-access database, please complete the appropriate form.

To view needs and availability in your area

See hospitals looking for space See hotels with available space

Helpful Resources

The Center for Health Design has assembled select research, best practices, tools and resources to assist healthcare providers with current infection control needs and to inform future project planning. Find these resources here on our website.

Managed Vendor Services
Does your healthcare organization need assistance accessing critical response resources to help modify hotel rooms or facilities to meet your needs?  Access best-in-class vendors – for CIH-developed cleaning protocols, remediation, supply and equipment needs, temporary facilities and more -- with competitively procured contracts through DRS, a single point of contact that can coordinate your COVID-19 response needs. More information

MakingRoom Project Partners

Thanks to our many partners in creating and supporting this valuable, quick-response resource, including:

The Center for Health Design advances best practices and empowers healthcare leaders with quality research that demonstrates the value of design to improve health outcomes, patient experience of care, safety, and provider/staff satisfaction and performance.  Through design research, education, and advocacy, The Center is leading the way in transforming hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, doctor’s offices, and residential care facilities for a safer, healthier tomorrow.The Center for Health Design is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization. Learn more

Any costs associated with the use of spaces shall be negotiated and agreed to between the involved parties.

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