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Gerflor USA


Gerflor [ jur-flor ] is one of the largest manufacturers of resilient commercial flooring in the world. With over 75 years of industry experience and nearly $1 billion in annual sales and growing, Gerflor continually offers the newest generation of innovative and sustainable flooring solutions.

Backed by the power of an established international network, Gerflor USA was born to serve the American market and improve the indoor environments we work, learn, play and heal in. We are specialists in Healthcare and over 500 million patients are treated every day on Gerflor healthcare floors. Gerflor has been the healthcare flooring expert ever since we invented our flagship product, Mipolam, in 1937. Today, our best-selling Mipolam Medical product line provides doctors, nurses, patients and visitors with the highest quality of healthcare flooring. We offer the best indoor air quality, extreme stain resistance with our Evercare technology, and over 112 modern colors to choose from. Not only are our floors 100% antimicrobial but we also offer the ONLY resilient sheet flooring made with a 100% bio-based plasticizer on the market today. Designed specifically to facilitate the movement of heavy equipment, beds, wheelchairs and high foot traffic, Gerflor always keeps the end-user first in mind.

Our products are defined by performance and innovation. We develop products using only the latest technologies to provide tailored solutions to answer almost every commercial market and application. Whether it's durability, flexibility, speed of installation, design selection, moisture mitigation, hygiene, comfort level, sound management or beyond, Gerflor offers a solution that will work for your specific project. Gerflor products typically perform well beyond their guaranteed years, providing our customers with exceptional value and long-lasting design integrity.

Gerflor is equipped with 3 global R&D centers and dedicates 3% of total revenue to the research and design of only resilient floors. This is triple the amount of R&D spent by our top competitors. Our heavy investment in R&D ensures continued evolution of our signature lines, and advancements to every product as we continue to expand our U.S. offering. Recently we became the first and only manufacturer to develop a resilient sheet floor with a 100% bio-based plasticizer.

70% of our sales are composed of products that are less than 3 years old. That means we are always putting our most advanced technologies out on the market and moving the flooring industry forward.