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Perkins and Will

Since 1935, Perkins and Will has helped shape many of the nation’s most progressive institutions. Our work successfully fuses efficient healing environments with evidence-based design and research. Our practice is dedicated to creating facilities that address innovative care delivery methods, future-focused adaptability, and design excellence, all in the context of schedule and budget. From master plans and freestanding buildings to renovations, the breadth and quality of our diverse portfolio have consistently placed us among the leading healthcare firms in the world.

We place great value on the quality, efficiency, and beauty of the healthcare facilities we design. Fully embracing the advent of innovative building technologies and building information modeling, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver projects at all scales. We bring experts in user-experience, operations, evidence-based design, and project delivery to engage clients and lead them in highly customized work plans particular to their cultures and institutional missions.

Transformative planning and design, innovative operational and medical planning, and proven technical project delivery are hallmarks of our practice.