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Serenity Sliding Door Systems

Here at Serenity Sliding Door Systems we are dedicated to providing high-quality space-saving door systems for healthcare, hospitality, and commercial office design. Servicing clients nationwide, we provide a turnkey sliding door with your project and timeline in mind.

Our systems save owners space while offering the traditional swing door functionality, with reduced lead times, top-quality solutions, and attractive pricing compared to sliding door competitors. This is demonstrated by market share growth and repeat distributor and end-user customers.



-Provides a complete system including the frame, door, and all required hardware
-Fully customizable from mounting, door, finish, and hardware options
-Systems are ADA compliant
-Fully sealed for sight and sound
-STC 35 rating
-All locking options available in addition to card reader/ access control
-Offers an automatic opening sliding door for touchless or semi-touchless versatility
-Offers a Medical Slide for Exam Rooms, ICUs, Labs, and more
-Offers a MedLift Slide for patients with limited mobility to be transported by lift
-Offers an Office Slide and Hospitality Slide for commercial settings
-Offers a Sliding Door for Education-based projects
-Guaranteed Assurance Program to audit and repair sliding door systems on a project for projects containing 100 Sliding Doors or more
-Offers Serenity Complete Program: shipping Sliding Door Systems on-site, with all necessary parts in as little as 8 weeks