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Built Environment Network

As The Center for Health Design’s premier collegial network, Built Environment Network consists of executive-level professionals who are dedicated to improving safety, quality, and sustainability in healthcare. Learn and connect with industry leaders by participating in open, strategic discussions that will set a direction for the future of the built environment. 



Membership is by invitation only and is limited to one person representing each participating organization. BEN is maintaining a static membership, but will be open to inviting new people with specific interests or expertise that are beneficial to the group. This consistency enables BEN members to form meaningful relationships with each other and create new dynamics by adding different people.

Annual member fees cover:

  • Programming and meals for 3 meetings per year
  • Expert speakers
  • Annual subscription to HERD Journal
  • 20% discount on all CHD publications
  • 20% discount on Evidence-based Design Accreditation and Certification (EDAC) study guides and exam fees

*Members are responsible for all travel and hotel expenses.

Testimonials: Mazzetti+GBA and Yale New Haven Health System.

To learn more about membership, please contact Donna Deckard at 925-521-9404.