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Taking the Pulse of Ambulatory Care Environments

For over 30 years Ambulatory Care Environments have been a major force in patient care delivery.   Today’s drivers of new technology, less invasive procedures, the affordable care act, and consumer demands, are transforming these environments right out of the box.

Ambulatory Care delivery is spilling out to diverse places and spaces.  Medical advice is as close as your smart phone, flu shots are available down the street at the drug store, clinics are popping up in discount department store, cancer screening is now traveling to your church in a mamovan and E-med is no longer science fiction but a reality.   In additions we are seeing new delivery model of specialized clinics in strip malls and even wellness campus providing a full spectrum of outpatient care and the Veteran Affairs developing the Medical Home and Telemedicine.  And it is all happening with lightning speed.  Outpatient surgeries have increased by two thirds since 2006.  Nearly 75% of elective surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures, and it is not stopping there.

What is behind this transformation? Is this a trend or fad?  What does this mean for the healthcare design community? This webinar investigates the diversity of these environments, the drivers behind this exponential growth, the players and what are the design implications.