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Try it Before You Buy it: The Role of Simulation and Modeling in Evidence-Based Healthcare Design

As pressures on healthcare organizations continue to increase, with decreasing reimbursements and higher expectations, many organizations are focusing on how to increase the value provided by their settings. We have found that simulation and modeling approaches drawn from systems engineering, architectural research, mechanical engineering and other disciplines allow designers, planners and clinicians to work together more effectively and to explore and refine solutions early in the design process when it is easier and less expensive to innovate. This webinar uses case studies and examples to discuss how different modeling and simulation approaches best serve different goals. For example, we show how value stream mapping can allow planners, designers, clinicians and owners to work together to redesign processes and patient flows that reduce waste and provide better experience.  We discuss how statistical methods allow models to be run over time and predict future needs for people, space and equipment. We also discuss virtual reality and full scale mockup methods that allow a wider range of stakeholders to meaningfully participate throughout a design process, including during early design. We end by discussing how modeling and simulation can support and amplify the impact of an EBD-based design program.