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Designing and Evaluating the Inpatient Room: An Evidence-Based Toolkit

The inpatient room is arguably the most comprehensively addressed setting in healthcare with a large body of evidence for designers to draw upon. Yet, the “ideal” patient room remains a myth. Although there are unique issues in the design of each new or renovation project, there is a clear need to collate the existing research on inpatient rooms and translate it into an actionable format to help design decision-making.  In 2012, The Center for Health Design (CHD) received a grant from the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) to develop a standard evidence-based tool for inpatient room design. In a three-phase process, this grant will result in design and evaluation tools for inpatient room design in Medical/Surgical Units, Adult Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Labor Delivery Recovery (LDR) and Maternity Units. The first phase of this project has been completed, resulting in a Beta-test, paper-based version of the Inpatient Room Design Checklist and POE tool for the Med/Surg Room which will be shared in this presentation. The two part tool shared will include a design checklist for the designers to use during the project, and a POE tool for designers to evaluate the project post occupancy.