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The Drive for Healthier Buildings: Implications of the Findings From the Groundbreaking Dodge Data & Analytics Study for Healthcare and Beyond

In 2014, Dodge Data and Analytics (DD&A) conducted a wide-reaching study of the perception of building impacts on health among design and construction industry professionals in the commercial, institutional and residential sectors, medical professionals, human resources executives and owners. In addition, the study looked at the drivers and challenges for future investment for healthy buildings, the benefits achieved from investment in health and metrics used to measure those benefits, the use of healthy products and practices in buildings and how health impacts are communicated.
This webinar will present the findings of this study, with a particular focus on the implications of the findings for the healthcare construction market. The connection between green building and healthier buildings will be highlighted, with the share of green construction in healthcare presented against the backdrop of the larger commercial and institutional construction’s share of green projects. In addition, the presentation will incorporate findings from other recent DD&A studies on the importance of collaboration, especially in the healthcare sector, which can be a critical factor for preserving both green and healthy building priorities by addressing uncertainties that can have negative impacts on project cost, schedule and quality.