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Life Indoors—The Design of the Built Environment’s Impact on Health and Wellbeing

The built environment plays a critical role on the impact of health and wellbeing of its inhabitants. But do you understand the crucial methodologies and components for designing healthy environments? This breakthrough webinar will walk you through key considerations including:

  • The advent of the evidence-based methodology on disruptive innovation in healthcare design

  • The use of biophilia as a baseline for understanding the shift to our inordinate amount of sedentary time indoors

  • A review of how to access color and light and their misunderstood impact on a building occupant’s experience

  • Discussion of issues related to acoustical integrity of our environments

  • The benefits of environments that encourage human interaction, communication and the healing power of touch

  • Choice architecture using how design impacts how we nourish ourselves

  • An assessment of how design impacts “life indoors” through a review of best practices