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Applied Research in Focus: Insight from a Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation

Design research is essential to improving the overall quality of healthcare design. But every project is different, and there are so many different research methods – so how do you determine the best approach? While the body of evidence-based design knowledge has grown immensely over the last decade, there is still a scarcity of established methods for conducting applied research. Practitioners need tools that can be put into use quickly to inform design decisions, while still maintaining a level of rigor to ensure valid results. In order to achieve both of these goals, we must be collaborative in identifying effective methods to achieve high quality research that will inform better design. 
This webinar will cover methodological insights from an ongoing Pre/Post Occupancy Evaluation of an Eye Center in Aurora, Colorado. Benefits of a collaborative participatory approach will be shared. We will cover our process of developing data collection methods appropriate for a blind and vision-impaired population, and related considerations when seeking HIPAA and IRB approvals. We will give an overview of the significant findings from a pilot study and how this proved invaluable in refining our approach.