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Creating Safer Spaces in Healthcare: Impacts, performance, and outcomes of rubber flooring in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The drivers and domains of ACA are focused on patient-centered care, ability to improve quality, and reduce cost of care. The C-suite is faced with cultural, operational, and organizational changes. As the foundation of the healing environment, flooring is the most visible component of the space, and provides the surface for all activity. In healthcare organizations, flooring represents a significant investment over the life-cycle of the facility, literally underpinning all healthcare delivery activities. All rubber flooring is not created equal, the composition and coating of a manufacturer’s rubber flooring products differ greatly in maintenance needs. In the health system, capital dollars are few and far between, when funds are allocated facilities must make the best use of funds as it relates to LCCA and ROI.
The built-environment defines patient outcomes, delivery of care, and operational outcomes as defined by the reimbursement drivers under Pay-for Performance (P4P) and Value-based Purchasing (VBP). Credible product selection is based on evidence, as defined by the stakeholder goal. True evaluation as it pertains to product selection/de-selection must be undertaken to define product attributes as they relate to the ACA domain drivers. Evidence and outcomes define performance attributes of rubber flooring as it relates to creating safer spaces for safety, acoustics, maintenance, ergonomics, infection control,  and patient-experience.  
The “new normal” has transformed what key stakeholders demand from flooring products. The value attributes of rubber flooring, as defined by this course, showcase a “holistic approach to safety” in the healing environment from the floor up as it relates to acoustics, ergonomics/fatigue, infection control, slip/trip/fall and chemicals and maintenance. Rubber flooring provide a sound focus on actionable impact as it relates to outcomes and reimbursables centered on operational optimization, clinical efficiency, safety, sustainability and patient/caregiver satisfaction.