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Psychology in the Workplace: A Foundation for the Importance of Patient Experience

A renowned behavioral psychologist. Abraham Maslow, stated that humans are motivated through a hierarchy of needs with the goal of achieving self-actualization, that is, to obtain their highest level of potential Self-actualization, Maslow purported, can only be achieved by attaining basic physiological and biological needs. Hospitalization requires that a patient’s basic needs are met in order to realize a safe and prompt discharge. Research reveals that when workplace needs are met, patient safety and the patient experience benefit. However, high work cognitive load, high physical demands while working in an on-stage setting impacts staff engagement and work place effectiveness.

Based on the book chapter, Design Matters, published in Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Design: A Resource for Nurses and Interprofessional Partners, this presentation will reveal a systematic approach to address the basic human needs of both the patient and the practitioner in order to achieve wellness, optimal human accomplishment, ultimately leading to an improved patient experience with an engaged workforce.