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To Age is Human: Universal Design Research and Trends

As people live longer, managing the needs of the aging population is more important than ever. But the needs of the aging population – love, safety, health and wellness, the pursuit of happiness – are the same for any person at any age. No one knows what tomorrow brings – how an accident or illness could make our comfortable home, our innovative workplace, or our local park completely incompatible with our needs. How can we design our environment to support health, wellness, and happiness both now, and in the future?
A universal design approach can address a multitude of goals set forth by accessibility standards, Aging in Place ideals, sustainability models, person-centered healthcare, and more.
Join us for an exploration of research and innovative trends in universal design. This webinar will cover pioneering models for healthy living and healthcare, including examples from the village movement, healthcare at home, age friendly workplace, and multigenerational day care.