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Supporting Population Health: A Tool for Design

Built environment strategies can help healthcare organizations and communities promote healthy living, reduce obesity, and prevent chronic disease. Given the increasing focus on community health and preventive medicine, it is important that healthcare organizations and the communities they serve incorporate built environment strategies that result in healthy behavior.
With support from the Kresge Foundation, The Center for Health Design has developed a standardized healthcare facility evaluation tool that supports ambulatory design to support population health. The tool is intended to guide both design and post-occupancy evaluation of outpatient projects with respect to population health goals including: healthy behaviors (activity, nutrition, green spaces); socioeconomic factors (education, community, personal safety, socio-demographic balance); the physical environment (air & water quality, noise, environmental impact, transit); and Clinical Care (Access to Care (location), Co-located Services, Team Care, Technology).
A team from The Center and Adelante Healthcare will present an overview of population health and the relationship to design, provide case study examples, and demonstrate the functionality of this new resource.