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Clean Flow: Fact or Fiction – Design Implications that Affect the Bottom Line

The surgical suite has historically been broken down into various zones—or levels of cleanliness. As procedures become less invasive and expand to other modalities, differentiating cleanliness protocols have also expanded to other disciplines, but in the process, grayed the understanding of what is best practice.
This webinar will explore the history of clean flow in the medical field. Attendees will hear about the current definition of clean flow and explore what is fact, what is fiction, what are minimum requirements, and are these requirements truly best practice. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act the effectiveness of clean flow will have an impact of every institution’s bottom line.
Case studies from The Reading Hospital and other medical centers will be compared and contrasted in regards to their approach to clean flow. Finally, from the perspective of an Infection Control Director, the webinar will identify how one institution is addressing the mandate to reduce surgical site infections and determine whether the latest edition of the FGI Guidelines is the end point or just the beginning.