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Human Centric Lighting: 3.0

This webinar will offer an overview in the latest thinking about lighting and its impact. Since there have been so many presentations, magazine articles, and research studies on the circadian (24-hour body clock) side of Human Centric Lighting (HCL), the presenter will briefly touch upon these concepts to set context. More importantly, this this program will focus on the non-circadian side of lighting, which almost nobody in the lighting industry communicates about and, in many applications, is more important than circadian. HCL 1.0 is circadian. HCL 2.0 includes improved visual lighting quality. HCL 3.0 includes non-circadian concepts, such as people taking anti-depressants, migraine headaches, autism, dyslexia, etc. For HCL 3.0 there are many more pathways than the commonly touted eye to suprachiasmatic nucleus.
As HCL or other names for it have gotten popular, there are various statements, which are often contradictory. A set of tools, which can help you determine what is accurate and what is not, will be discussed. New hospital case studies will also be discussed.