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Bridging the Gap: Bringing Therapeutic Design into the Home

We all know that the family unit paradigm has changed and healthcare delivery services have changed. People are living longer while experiencing wide ranges of health issues. Caring for aging parents or family members with degenerative diseases is commonplace. The demands placed on the home to provide a safe haven that promotes wellness and independence is a growing and very under-answered need. Home healthcare is one of the rapidly growing industries helping with daily living, but within the design community, there remains a gap.

Design specialization has played a part in creating this design gap, separating residential design from commercial healthcare design. Join this healthcare designer who will share her own voyage to bridge this gap in an attempt to bring healthcare design best practices into the home. Using real life (and award winning) case study examples, she will share the challenges and solutions for not only making the home safe, but a therapeutic and healing environment. This webinar is a must for any designer who has said, “I don’t do residential”.