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Utilizing a Precision Medicine Approach to Improve Quality + Experience in the Hospital Environment

Physicians traditionally don’t view space as a component of patient care delivery.  Nurses, however, treat the physical space as part of the continuum of care. They attempt to triage the sickest patients, based upon bed availability, to locations with greatest visibility and adjacency using a ‘neighborhood’ or team approach.  Nurses view their unit as a ‘one size does NOT fit all’ situation. This is the underlying construct of precision medicine. In this webinar, presenters will discuss the next step of precision medicine in the ICU environment and how to adapt the existing space to improve patient care. They used the Caring Behavior Inventory 16 survey to understand the patient and family perspective of care delivery according to location of their patient room. The study focused on four questions related to the physical space and will report the results of this pilot study. Their demonstration will promote discussion on where the optimal caring locations can be for both the care team and the patient and family.