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Well-Connected: Optimizing the Outpatient Environment

This webinar provides attendees with a case study overview of the 2018 Center for Health Design Touchstone Award winning ProMedica Health and Wellness Center. Attendees will gain an  understanding of the impact the physical environment has on productivity and throughput and how the relationship between facility design, human experience and organizational efficiency in the outpatient healthcare setting is undergoing a paradigm shift. There is an urgent need to investigate the changing expectations from clinics and how the facility design community must position itself for a timely response.
Attendees will hear about a year-long study that was conducted in 2 parts, a pre and post occupancy analysis of 4 clinics that were planned to move into a new consolidated building. Reported, observed, and spatial data were analyzed together to understand the patterns that emerged. The new building combined 11 physician practices from buildings across the city into one – the ProMedica Health and Wellness Center, a convenient one-stop shop for patients that would enhance clinical collaboration creating a holistic approach to health and wellness.