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Positive Correlations Between the Patient Experience and Facility Design: Learning from Research and The Field

This webinar will present the results of a systematic review conducted to identify operational and clinical variables impacting the patient experience and to understand their correlation with facility design strategies. The six emerging themes and their ability to affect adherence, communication, and ultimately the relationship with the patient will be discussed. Data from interviews with professional experts recognized for their commitment to improving the patient experience, will also be shared.
The concept of embracing synergy and collaboration to make patient experience a model for care delivery will be highlighted through the experience of a healthcare institution that successfully improved its operational and clinical outcomes as well as their patient experience scores. Facility design ideas that support operational models and positively impact the patient experience will be also be highlighted. The multidisciplinary approach of this study presents a range of findings that will be valuable to healthcare executives, physicians and clinical leaders, facility directors, architects, interior designers, patients and families.