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Lighting Design for Behavioral Health Environments

Behavioral health facilities often carry the stigma of a "scary psychiatric ward" with padded walls and caged lighting, appearing more like a penitentiary than a home or clinic. We are surrounded by inaccurate portrayals of mental illness with negative connotations, in various media. Fortunately, that is changing. Equipment, finishes, architectural details, lighting, planning, and facilities are expanding and growing to adapt to current population needs. Behavioral health design is honing focus to incorporate residential health and wellbeing strategies into these environments to yield more human-centric qualities (with intended better outcomes for residents). Lighting plays a critical role to evoke these feelings. However, in a Healthcare environment, luminaires must still adhere to stringent design guidelines such as ligature and impact on resistance attributes. In this webinar, two lighting experts will address innovative behavioral health lighting design strategies, review case studies and current research, and offer how you can adapt lessons learned to provide friendlier environments for residents, staff and families.