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What You Need to Know About Residential Health Care Acoustics, But Couldn’t Hear to Ask

By 2050, the number of individuals using long-term care services in any setting (e.g., at home, assisted living or skilled nursing facilities) will likely double from the 13 million using services in 2000, to 27 million people.  Of that group, an estimated 19 million people in the US will be age 85 and older, 80% of whom will suffer from hearing loss.  Hearing loss is more than an inconvenience; it directly impacts our ability to communicate, socialize and interact with our families and friends.  It affects our ability to make decisions concerning our quality of life.  A recent University of Michigan study has shown a connection between hearing loss and the onset of dementia. 
This webinar provides an overview of Architectural Acoustics for Residential Health Care Facilities, using appropriate terminology and basic examples to demonstrate the impact of the acoustical environment on seniors.  It will also include a summary of the current FGI 2018 acoustical criteria, and review how those criteria address the concerns and needs of seniors.