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The Wisdom of Nature – Biophilic Design for Health & Wellness

Biophilia is defined as a love of the living world. We seek nature, especially when we don't feel well. Nature can calm us with a beautiful sunset or invigorate us with a spring rain. Both ancient and modern people use nature in healing. Nature has always offered healing places: a sacred spring, a reflective pond, a quiet grove, and majestic peaks. For centuries we have sought these sanctuaries in our quest for health and healing.
This webinar explores the science biophilia that embraces nature as the teacher to solve complex issues in challenging building spaces. It will explain the mathematics, physics and biology that support the biophilic behavior and it will further discuss circadian and color kinetic lighting, human sustainability, healthy buildings, human factors, natures geometry of fractals, as design tool for the built environment.
We spend more than 90% of our life in a built environment.  Our work as architects and designers have an impact on human health and wellness.  This presentation will address criteria that contributes to healthy buildings.  Nature provides the framework from which we will investigate philosophy as well as design tools. 
Nature is our guide to balance and harmony. Nature-based designs draw upon the innate intelligence found in nature—when plants turn their leaves to the sun for light, when a bird sits on eggs, and ultimately, when our body knows how to heal itself.  Organic design is not just a trend or style it is design based on programmatic needs of healing modalities.