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Three Case Studies: Excellence in Evidence-based Design

Evidence-based design (EBD) is the process of basing decisions about the built environment on credible research to achieve the best possible outcomes and is integral to the successful design of a healthcare environment. This webinar highlights three prestigious, award-winning projects which used the EBD process in their pursuit of increasing value, improving health outcomes, and engaging stakeholders. Come hear the stories of how they did it and what they learned that can be applied to your projects!

  • The Children’s Hospital of Richmond at Virginia Commonwealth University: used research to educate the project team, defined metrics, documented and communicated their findings and decisions along each step of their journey. 
  • Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin, 7 North Tower Med Surg Buildout: used a combination of evidence-based design, Lean and change management, as well as input from a broad-based interdisciplinary team, to reimagine the unit which has become the model for all new remodels.  
  • New Parkland Hospital: formed and chartered a unique NPH Research Coalition to conduct an integrated evaluation for several hypotheses derived from the original design concepts.