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Accelerating Innovation: Revitalizing Outpatient Experiences and Outcomes

With consumer awareness growing and big tech and healthcare systems pitted in a competitive landscape to capture mindshare, what brick-and-mortar and digital design solutions can positively impact and influence outpatient consumers’ decision making? Gensler’s Outpatient Experience Index (O-EXI) survey, a nationwide study of outpatients conducting during the pandemic, reveals that healthcare consumers are exercising their desire to change where and how they will receive outpatient care while continuing with in-person visits. From identifying how ethnic minorities and men with behavioral health issues are changing their care providers to a rise in disengagement from working women, these findings reveal that experiences with outpatient design accounted for upwards of 72 percent of outpatient loyalty. Sizable impacts were also measured for outpatient physical wellness and engagement in health. In this discussion, Gensler will illustrate how we can contextualize these findings to position ourselves for future success with outpatient facility design.