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Art in Healthcare: The State of the Practice

Join these two leaders from The National Organization for Arts in health for a fascinating tour of how the arts have been making a difference in healthcare through four strong initiatives: improving equity and inclusion, reducing burnout, professionalizing the field, and research and education. This webinar will:

  • Describe case studies of a new Penn State Hospital and show how a community art committee guided a major art program to express equity and inclusion by highlighting local artists of color and subjects relating to diversity. 
  • Tell real stories about how medical centers are using the arts to manage burnout for clinical teams. 
  • Provide an overview of newly released Core Curriculum on Arts in Health that will offer both artists and health care administrators, guidance on professionalizing the field as well as lead to certification for those working in the field. 
  • Include a short review of current literature published on the benefits of Arts in Health throughout the healthcare continuum. 

Arts in Health has been an active field for over 30 years but it has never been more relevant in creating impactful patient and healthcare provider experiences.