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Leaps and Bounds: Advancing the Understanding around Why Children’s Hospitals are Different

Pediatric hospitals are not simply adult hospitals with fun colors and playful distractions. Children’s hospitals support the specialized care and wellbeing of kids with complex health needs. They are mission-driven to protect the most vulnerable and tackle the social determinants of health that create healthier communities. They are truly special places for patients, families, associates, and communities; they deserve designs that understand, celebrate, and support their unique needs.

Children’s hospital design requires an understanding of how kids are different–in body, mind, disease types, emotional needs and more. These differences require specialized care models organized around diseases/conditions with pediatric sub-specialists central to the care team. Additionally, children’s hospitals care for both the patient and the family—two groups requiring different support. These factors mean unique design considerations around space sizes and throughputs when compared to adult healthcare settings.

This webinar discusses top pediatric health issues and care models as a foundation for understanding important, unique pediatric healthcare design needs. In addition, the presenter will examine project examples that illustrate how unique needs can be incorporated and what provides most value in design and planning.