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Health, Wellness and Wellbeing: The Power of Biophilic Design for People and Communities

Biophilia, or biophilic design, supposes that by meaningfully incorporating nature or natural elements into every space we come in contact with, we connect with our innate desire to be close to nature. This connection has been credited with boosting productivity as well as providing health and behavioral benefits, making it both good design and a sound investment.

This virtual forum offers a unique opportunity to hear from three leaders in the industry who will share their insights on how biophilia and biophilic design have evolved within the built environment, and how access to biophilic elements (access to living plants, view of nature, daylight, among others) improves health and wellness outcomes for inhabitants of the space they are in.

In this interactive conversation, a diverse set of thought leaders will share their real-world experiences, memorable stories from their work, case study examples, and most importantly, they’ll help guide attendees towards a path forward and shed light on their view of the opportunities for the future of the biophilic movement.